No Longer Only Two

We don’t have two political parties any longer.

It’s time for congress to adjust to this reality.

We are in this crazy standoff which threatens the nation because the Tea Party faction in congress has the Republican party tied up in knots. This upsets the ideological distribution and makes congress into something it isn’t. It becomes impossible to find any way to negotiate under this circumstance.

The only true political / philosophical majority right now is that of democrats. The idea of a numerical majority in congress needs to be redefined based upon the reality of the distinct differences between the three divergent groups. Republicans and Tea Partiers will likely never buy into this but there needs to be a way to have this obvious distinction become operational reality. As it stands, the problem we are struggling with right now will remain with us forever. The Tea Party has power only because it is joined at the hip with republicans. However, that joining is false. Repubs and tea partiers aren’t of the same stripe. And never will be. The reality of what comprises a political majority in congress has likely changed forever. The Supreme Court and the Citizens United ruling is what changed it.


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