Picking Away at Freedom

I noted today another chip taken out of our freedoms.

In an article today we see where a House of Representatives panel approved a broadened ISP snooping bill. LINK

What this bill does is require ISPs to retain all logs of user Internet activity for a year. This particular requirement has been in flux for some time. I remember three months was once the figure, with other numbers bandied about. This is entirely political. That it’s now a year reflects the whack jobs and control freaks in congress who are preparing the legislation. It should be noted that the record keeping requirement is being levied to support, ‘possible future police invetigations’. That is, the goon squads want to be able to retroactively see what it is we’ve been doing. Maybe this wouldn’t be near as problematic except I have a great deal of heartburn paying for all this crap. How much of our private lives is government entitled to know about just for the asking?

What is particularly crazy is the notion being proposed here. Our elected officials want to retain what we say and do on line and in some way hold us to account for those things. When you consider the absolute vacuum of accountability on their side of the ledger this is beyond the absurd.


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