Well if at first you don’t succeed, get out of the mother fucking kitchen
Pointy WilliamsThick_as_Thieves_(1998_film)

What is virtual and what is real?

Writers of fiction have had a lot of
fun with this dichotomy.

There is the movie(s) Tron for

Or Pleasantville or Matrix or….

The hero might end up ‘in’ the computer
or ‘in’ the television.

A security researcher claims to have found a new security flaw
in Apple laptops that could allow hackers to ruin laptop batteries,
infect them with malware or potentially cause them to overheat and
catch fire.

Charlie Miller, principal research consultant at Accuvant Labs,
said he has found a way to manipulate chips embedded inside Apple
laptop batteries.

The chip monitors the battery’s temperature and level of
charge, among other things. Those chips can be remotely controlled by
hackers using a default password that Miller found on a website of
the chip’s creator, Texas Instruments. Apple never changed the
default password, Miller said.

Miller’s discovery, first
reported by Forbes.com
, is the latest potential security flaw
found in Apple’s product line. Earlier this month, security experts
disclosed a bug in Apple’s iOS operating system that could allow
criminal hackers to gain remote access to iPhones, iPads and iPod
Touch devices, Reuters
. Apple said it is fixing that issu



This article blew my mind. I mean you can actually cause someone physical harm by
pushing buttons that send messages through the internet.

Of course I know all about how ‘hackers’ steal millions of dollars and such. And more
damage is done along those lines, but I mean you can actually burn
down somebody’s house. Hahahaahha

Then, I hit upon this link:


First, this would be like GM getting into the home-ownership mortgage market. Oooooops!

I guess they did that. Ha

But I have watched the latest commercials demonstrating where cars actually wake up the driver;
stop the car in an instant to avoid a rear-ender; parallel park your
vehicle and tell the world exactly where you are on a global grid.

How in the hell Google avoids civil liability on all of this is beyond me. I mean my PC screws up all thetime and I end up going to the manufacturer’s website and connectwith some guy in Mexico or India to straighten out the problem. This was primarily during the first three months of ownership.

So your car computer pushes on the gas pedal instead of the brakes and you end up going through the windshield because the air bags never activated….

And fine, there will be contractual clauses in the purchase agreement removing all liability as far as
Google is concerned except those contractual clauses do not apply to thirdparties.

(This last link is some short memo from an attorney—it is meaningless in the sense that there are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of pages written on this subject)

I really do not think that Google has had the opportunity to bribe as many members of Congress as Wall Street so I do not predict some Federal Law on the horizon protecting Google on this front.

And what if some hacker decides to turn your car into a creature from a Steven King novel? Good Luck!


On a different note, sometime ago I latched onto Firefox. And I would spend hours attempting to disengage any semblance of E from my PC.

Well I also learned that for more than two years, half of my problems related to my provider (a cable company). The wiring in my aprtment building was screwed up.

Firefox became more and more insufferable even after the provider finally fixed the problem.

So I was relating this to TPC and he said to get back to E.

I have hated E so long that I ignored the advice.

Well Firefox blew; it just crashed. It does not work anymore on this computer.

So I ended up on E.

All my problems are gone. In a flash.

Evidently E worked on all of its issues these past three years and vwella…it works.

No pop-ups at all. And I am working out the tool bars and after six hours today, the system works

I have no problems with scrolling.

I just thought I would relay this experience on.

Although, as a creature of habit I am sure I will forget and link on the net through Firefox tomorrow AM anyway. hahahaha

I do not know if others have had troubles with Firefox, but I could never attack this program because my cable link was so damn bad.

Oh well.

I know one thing for sure. The internet changes daily!

Old men like me do not like change.




the end



One thought on “HACKERS

  1. We’re fairly well screwed Dick. Of course, I’m sure you know this already.

    Here is a piece from yesterday talking about the seriously rapid advancements being made with UAV technology.

    If you think all the machines have us over a barrel now, just give it a little time. We are definitely headed to a place and time where there are these tiny little machines monitoring every square foot of our living environment and watching everything in real time. We’re spending money, unlimited billions, like you wouldn’t believe developing super computers with the accompanying software running behind the scenes to sort out all the data that’ll be sucked up. I can see a day in the future where an event is responded to via a closed loop system of monitoring and automatically deployed vehicles of some sort.

    Just like with the crazy political fiasco going on in Washington right now, the majority of citizens isn’t paying attention to any of this. And just like with this insane deficit thing the majority of citizens is going to end up monumentally fucked. We’ll end up a society which is afraid of it’s own shadow where innovation and independent thought are eliminated as a part of the pie. The control freaks of the world getting ready FTW.

    We get to talk about this stuff pretty soon live and in person. I can’t wait.

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