Chris Matthews to Joe Walsh (R) Il, “He’s Your President Too.”

Let’s get this out there, Rep. Joe Walsh is discrediting a good name. The Joe Walsh I remember, played guitar had his own band and sang songs like All Night Laundromat Blues.. this guy, well he just doesn’t seem like he is that much fun and he is trashing what is otherwise a very good name! I know I almost voted for the real Joe Walsh in 1980, the best part was I saw him in concert twice that year, man that was a great Eagles tour. Oh, I digress, because this Joe Walsh is definitely not that Joe Walsh.

May I present you with the video, Chris Matthews versus Rep. Joe Walsh, Illinois 8th district, dufus.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Matthews to Joe Walsh (R) Il, “He’s Your President Too.”

  1. I watched this when it first aired earlier and it makes me puke. There is still not a bit of give in this process. All cuts with nothing on the revenue side to address the inequities that have been piling up over the years. This guy has the balls to call this a serious plan. What this is going to end up is another loss for the middle class. You can see it coming a mile off.

    BTW did you catch the interview Ed did with Lady Jane? I’ve watched it twice and can’t decide what they were doing. It wasn’t a dance I’ve ever seen. Ed was trying real hard to be nice. Never saw anything quite like it. Not on the Ed Show anyway.

    1. ramonasvoices

      opc, I saw the Hamsher interview last night, too. It was weird, to say the least. I realized, too, that I haven’t seen her on Rachel for a while. I wonder if Rachel has finally realized what a dangerous nutcase she is.

      I want to watch the video of that interview again. Jane was playing the Queen of Hearts (chop off his head!) to Ed because he was not quite agreeing with her. She wants to be in charge, even as a guest on someone else’s turf.
      But she’s important, don’t you know. She said she went to Capitol Hill and “knocked on 40 doors” to pass along her threats. Shocking that nobody was home to her.

      1. Progressives are having a hard time keeping up with the righties.

        Righties are off the charts confrontational merely by expressing their outrageous demands. Calmly stating them like they do is very close to aggravated assault. We don’t know how to do this because it’s such a serious affront to common decency. Nice to see you here Ramona.

  2. ramonasvoices

    Teri, I love this. (As you know!) Congrats on getting it on YouTube. Most of the comments there are hilariously predictable. If we don’t get on the stick and nip this kind of idiocy in the bud we’re going to be a blip in history like the Mayans.

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