What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Hamsher?

Wow, things happen when you are on vacation, and by things I mean Baby Jane Hudson  Hamsher’s blog meltdown the other day has turned into a thing of absolute wonder.  It was very dramatic wasn’t it, her Baby Jane Hudson style meltdown, dumb m-fers, really? Yeah that is the way to win an election, start another big fight on the interwebzz between like-minded people, that definitely gets us to where we want to be, wait, wut?

This ridiculous behavior is just  all too familiar to me, I still haven’t really gotten over the 2000 election. I can’t tell you how many well-meaning people I argued with back then who said they wouldn’t vote for Al Gore, who had become one of the more powerful Vice Presidents of our time, in terms of his mastery of government and his ideas of reform and modernizing government via the ever-changing world of technology.  He brought in an era of reform among the ranks of government.  Most people may or may not remember his Reinventing Government initiative, it was a program that worked, it was the result of Al Gores hard work and his experience in congress. Yet what was with the crowd that insisted  Gore and Bush were essentially the same, and why are they doing it again after all they should have learned from the Bush fiasco Presidency.  We can safely say there would have been no Iraq War if Al Gore had been President during 9-11. And yet here we are, discussing one more time how awful times a million the President is and his supporters are soooo stupid to ruin his chances like this, by supporting him, err or something.  It has now reached the crazy stage, in fact since Hamsher and that other crazy irrelevant guy Pat Cadell are actively working to make sure this President isn’t reelected, how liberal could either one really be? Yes, we know the answer, not liberal.   These shoddy analysis are pushed by the media.  They rely on manufactured controversy to get better ratings, and that is their only goal. The problem with the “primary Obama”  as led by Baby Jane is they seem impervious to facts, they seem unable to understand party politics, they just hope that the President will be in a primary race. That isn’t going to happen and if anyone thinks it will it is because they actually have their head planted firmly in the sand.  The Party has her candidate and it will not be Alan Grayson or Dennis Kucinich.  It is time to accept this fact and move on.   I am hoping we won’t let a faction of “the always pissed off crowd” disrupt this election.  I don’t know if they have the power to do so, but they certainly believe they have the power to do so.

Baby Jane Hamsher seems no different from Ralph Nader, she is a professional gadfly. She is a woman scorned no doubt about it,  I believe the blogger Eclectablog that he was sent an email from one of her employees basically saying she is going to crush him, and keep him from getting paid writing gigs on the internet..it is kind of comical in a sad sort of way. Does anyone really have that kind of power on the internet? I mean this isn’t William Randolf Hearsts era anymore, so the email comes off as ridiculous. I am not convinced anyone has that kind of power to crush a voice on the interwebzzz. How can anyone take her seriously after this kind of behavior? The over-the-top anger seems so like TBag in its apparent irrationality. And this draws us right back to the Baby Jane Hudson metaphor; Baby Jane Hudson, a former child star whose light went out long ago, her one and only goal in life was to become relevant again, one more time, this time she wouldn’t blow her chance, except that she did, because she always blows her chances.

What I don’t get is the end game, because certainly if they help sweep in more Republicans, progressivism will be even further from the doorstep of American politics. Because my instinct tells me that if you really are progressive you would want to prevent a Republican from being President, because in this day and age they simply have proven to be a threat to America. I mean hell, they are willing to play chicken with the economy, i.e. debt ceiling fiasco.  Republicans are holding a gun to their own heads and ours by their willingness to take the entire nation down in order to win a Presidential election, which is surreal and might I add unpatriotic!   And shouldn’t we be rallying people around this fact rather than fighting over whether or not there will be a primary challenger for this President?  (There will be no primary… it just isn’t going to happen).

Personally, I wish the war between progressives would end, ugh it is sooo tiring, and boring as the same issues are rehashed over and over again with no solutions in sight.   Baby Jane is relegating herself to obscurity, by her own actions, and for what? Just to be a contrarian, a gadfly, a rabble-rouser?  She never does explain why we are dumb mfers?  Nor does she adequately explain how supporting the President is really hurting his chances, is it opposite day and no one told me?  Well we will never truly be able to understand Baby Jane’s motives but I think they have more to do with making money rather than any real political agenda, she is just doing it the Rush Limbaugh/Scientology way, by building a base of fanatic followers who don’t ever think for themselves. Yikes what  way to make money.

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5 thoughts on “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Hamsher?

  1. Jane and all the nutty stuff aside we have this one very serious issue you referred to with the proliferation of weapons of all types which is spearheaded by U.S. manufacturers.

    This is the ultimate game of chicken.

    We have this very dangerous economic dependence upon this industry that carries tremendous risk. Like all the other doings with military stuff, particularly the budget, this is off the table for most purposes. As the world goes we are the premier manufacturer of weapons and have eschewed vast chunks of other heavy manufacturing in favor of it.

    Where this is likely headed is fairly well an intuitive thing that doesn’t take much imagination to figure out. In the present climate of whack jobs we have some really scary potential for charting an irreversible course of destruction. Thanks to GWB and Cheney, we’ve already embarked upon this course. It’s not a happy thing to see Obama actually expand on it.

  2. I am just not familiar with these people.

    If i wish to read someone who claims to be liberal and loves to bash my Prez I simply catch Greenwald.

    Yeah, even Michael Moore went for Nader in 2000 and by 2004 he saw the error of those ways. ha!

  3. ~flowerchild~

    Tmac…I know I’m taking my blogging life in my hands by commenting on one of your posts and naming names, but here goes anyhow…

    Yesterday I was wandering around at TPM and in a comment thread, I read one of the most concise statements regarding what is the essence of this post of yours above. It was written by one Zipperupus, who you may remember from the TPMCafe.

    Here is the permalink to the TPM article…

    Zip’s comment is here…

    If you cannot access Zip’s comment, please let me know. I copied and saved it to Word because it was just that damn good.

    1. teresamac0

      Hey flower, thanks! It is true when you comment on one of my blogs you could be taking your blogging life into your own hands. I deliberately did not post this at DAG. I’d have to leave there and never look back. I discussed it too for a bit, but decided against posting it there. Zip is spot on. I wondered where he went to! I wish he would find us and join us here.
      Buetler’s piece is a concern troll piece of epic proportions, and Kresskin like as well, they sure do think they know what the hell is going to happen don’t they. Ugh..it gets old reading that crap everywhere.

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