I Love It When Repubs Are Up Against the Wall – Pelosi Holding Pocket Aces

Senate Majority leader McConnell wants to let Obama raise the debt limit in exchange for Obama submitting a deficit reduction plan.

It doesn’t sound like wingers are happy with this or, more importantly, if Obama is biting.

McConnell really doesn’t want to have to vote to raise the debt limit and keep the nation from going into debt default. McConnell is really in a hard place. And he knows it. Repubs can’t pass a thing in the House that will fix this without help from dems. And that help will not be forthcoming, thank you Pelosi, until repubs address the revenue side of the deal.

Were it not for all the whack jobs in the republican caucus we might not be at this stalemate. The house and senate republican leaders are becoming ever more aware of this. I bet right about now they’re growing tired of the tea party and maybe even of the Koch bros et al who have in fact diluted the power of republican leadership.

We hear McConnell say such and such on the floor of the senate but his placing the blame for this on Obama is as transparent as air. He has no case. His job is to fix this and he has to step up and get it done. This looming reality has him looking for an alternate way out of a horrible fix.


3 thoughts on “I Love It When Repubs Are Up Against the Wall – Pelosi Holding Pocket Aces

    1. Obama has played his hand perfectly. He got repubs to tip theirs all the way.

      House repubs are now on the hook as having acknowledged the idea that the debt limit, of necessity, has to be increased. Dems don’t have to lift a finger from here on out. It’s all on house repubs.

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