Asshole Boehner and Cantor Talk Entitlement Reform – What Thieves!!

Here I am again complaining about the numbers and the liars.

Why these guys aren’t held liable for the fraud they are committing is a question I would like for someone to answer. This is a huge and obvious fraud. How can they be allowed to commit this fraud?

Entitlement growth as a function of population growth over the years has been absolutely flat. This is a fact.

The real growth in the federal budget has been almost entirely on the side of national security expenditures of all types. The other growth we’ve experienced is a very significant negative revenue growth where congress has cut taxes in a very dramatic way. With income distribution being continually reshaped so more and more profits end up in the pockets of Wall Street, the wealthy or held in offshore shelters, the loss of federal revenue is huge. This is it in a nutshell. All our problems are right there. And there is no way that Obama or anybody else should be buying this fraud one bit. Why the hell are they?


3 thoughts on “Asshole Boehner and Cantor Talk Entitlement Reform – What Thieves!!

  1. They aren’t. The fingers in the pie have so over-reached themselves that we can no longer find a way out. But….dammit, I’m holding out. I’m holding out for a miracle.

    1. No disrespect but Jesus would be challenged on this one Lis.

      It still comes down to having cut revenues (taxes) too much and having increased national security expenditures too much. Both of these under Bush.

      We’ve never in our history gone to war, particularly at such a huge cost as the current conflicts, without raising taxes to pay for it.

      Social Security is OK.

      Medicare had the huge pharma giveaway under Bush that was unfunded. That is mostly why Medicare is in trouble.

      The other one is the banking / mortgage scam that had us borrowing a shitload of money to bail out the banks.

      Dems need to be shouting from the rooftops these major reasons for why we are in such a mess. All of them under republican control. Now repubs insist upon squaring up the books by taking it out of the hide of the middle class who had not a thing to do with any of this.

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