It is one in the AM and I am awaken on the couch in the middle of the night and there before me is a comedy channel salute to the late Greg Giraldo. He was one of my favorite comedians (best known for his appearances on these stupid roast shows I refuse to watch). I really just discovered that he OD’d last September at the ripe old age of 44!

Turns out he was Hispanic even though I assumed he was Italian. I did not know that he was a graduate of Harvard Law School! He just decided he did not like the law and began showing up at these free mike comedy shows.

He along with Bill Burr and Louie and Patton and a host of others one generation younger than me got me interested in comedy again.

For some reason these experts in stand up retain the same memories as I do. They remember Bob Hope and that generation’s worst comedy presentations ever.

Their heroes include Carlin of course along with Cosby and others.

But they remember the stupid shows that were on TV when I was a kid; their descriptions of their school days are familiar; they tell Nixon jokes for chrissakes! Ha

Now my son is ten years younger that these guys, but his taste in music is the same as mine (he was stuck of course listening to my music as a kid) and Burr and others will spend time alluding to that same music;more than a few like to make fun of Robert Plank besides Keith Richards. ha

Leary and Black who are closer to me in age along with others spent time discussing Giraldo’s comedy and also the hard times involved in being a stand up comedian. You are on the road constantly, sometimes to save a buck you sleep at the airport and skip the motel room, you have to deal with hecklers, you have to deal with different audiences that do not always react to your material in the same manner you are constantly being bombarded with drugs and young women who wish to sleep with celebs…

So Giraldo ends up late for some gig and they find him last September in a coma in his hotel room after consuming too many prescription drugs.

In the middle of the salute I hear this wooooosh! Damn the mop fell over again. Screw it!

I fall back to sleep.

I awaken at four or so and head for the kitchen and there is my Sunday New York Times. The woosh was simply the sound of the newsboy sliding the paper under my apartment door.

First, I have not had a newspaper delivered to my residence in more than a decade.

Second, I forgot how nice it was to hold a Sunday NYT in my hands!

Now it is not as thick as it might have been in the old days. NYT decided to go the way of all the rest of the newspapers lately and shrunk.

But for those of us who reside on the fringes of civilization, one is presented with a special version of the classic paper.

Nonetheless, for fifteen bucks a month, I am in pig heaven!

The magazines are tucked inside along with the one with the glossy NYT crossword.

I will be reading this paper all week even though I can catch whatever I wish on line and updated.

I will be f… around with the crossword until Saturday no doubt.

I have already scanned the front section and breezed through their main magazine.

I will probably hit the books magazine tomorrow.

Then the Arts section later on.

Better than prescription drugs actually!



Bill Burr knows that Obama will be elected in 2008, because the oligarchy knows we are going bankrupt and they need a black guy to blame the fallout on.





  1. First Dick, congratulations on the newspaper. I know the feeling. I’ve successfully weaned myself from the thrill of the Sunday NYT. It was a ritual before the days of the Internet when I lived in CT.

    It’s tragic with Greg Geraldo. I’m sure there are Italian standup comedians but Hispanic feels more in the mainstream. What isn’t though is one who is a Harvard grad who OD’s at 44. Now that’s a rarity.

    I find it hard to imagine the indoctrination of a Harvard education failing to take to this degree. I’m sure there are Harvard faculty and alum scratching their heads over this one.

    I’d guess that Greg in some way came to understand what Harvard graduates have unknowingly been taught and what they’re doing to the country and recognized the irony and the humor of it. That understanding transformed though into an understanding of the greater tragedy that it is.

    You have to become a complete cynic like Carlin did in order to survive the depression brought on by examining the insane societal transformations of today. That we are now living a full on societal regression is without question. Where that leads is in evidence everywhere you look. If one examines the national suicide rate you will have confirmation of the mess we are in.

    Repubs in congress measure everything in dollars though, just like Wall Street and insurers with their actuarial tables. This is what you get when you cook everything down to numbers in the manner of a Harvard MBA. Numbers are our friend but you have to be very careful to what purpose you put them. Numbers can indicate multiple paths. We get to choose the one we follow.

    I saw this the other day from Kevin Drum. Never have I see a graphic which so clearly identifies how dems and reps are different. In this difference we can know beyond any doubt what has been the direction of the country and why it was chosen. In this we are informed of the perils of being absolutely certain you are right. I don’t think we can walk away from the argument until we’ve bludgeoned repubs with their own principles.

  2. How graphic! ha

    If I had it to do all over again I would have stayed single and taught for a decade or so–I mean like high school and then a community college or some such. I never cared about money much which is probably how I ended up where I am today!

    Greg was depressed, severely depressed from doing his road gigs. He hated the road and did not wish to go home. Quite a quandary.

    I listened to about three hours of Bill Burr and he found that he could hit the road for a week and then skip a week. He looks a lot better than he did a couple years ago.

    I know one thing though…these guys who are 15-20 years younger than me are really, really funny! ha

    1. They can afford to be funny. They have little or no recollection of Korea or Vietnam and thus have no idea of what war as we wage it today implies for themselves or the rest of the country. If they understood this they’d likely see a bit less humor in this and be more like you or I.

      We are experiencing a very intentional compartmentalizing of the social mentality of the country primarily through the manipulation of mass media by corporate America. The enablers of this have been the power hungry political elites who haven’t a clue what they’ve done. Unsurprisingly, but probably surprising to some, this has ended up apolitical.

    1. you know Q we have these pretent panels on CSPAN….

      I would like to see a panel of experts:

      The late Giraldo, Oswalt, Burr, Louie and this Brit….hahahahahaha

      They could all discuss the worlds problems…

      But who would be the Kippelganer? hahhahhahahha

      Maybe this Greek motherfucker from Hangover ! & 2! ha

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