The Insanity Never Registers. And Justice…

I see where Casey Anthony is doing time for lying to the government.

When I think of the lying going on in Washington bringing huge harm to this country I just want to go crawl in a cave somewhere and never come out.

FWIW I haven’t gotten caught up in this trial and have paid little attention to it. I’m only commenting about this lying thing and making what seems to me to be the glaring comparison. Here’s a coincidence. What timing! Boehner and Cantor are on TV right now just prior to going to see Obama. And talking crazy. Nothing more to say.


4 thoughts on “The Insanity Never Registers. And Justice…

    1. I know what you mean C. There is a lot of this going around. It’s highly contagious. Before too long it’ll grow to epidemic proportions. We need to find a treatment soon.

      As for justice being done or not and some nut looking to settle the score. When it’s all said and done the final score doesn’t mean a thing. We just fill up a hole in the ground. All of us.

      Stephen King, Capote, Hitchcock and Serling together would be challenged to write something that’d do justice for this madness.

  1. cmaukonen

    There are a lot of people that are not OK with this verdict. She would have been better off getting life in prison. Now she will always have to be on the look out for some nut who believes that justice was NOT done.

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