Out of Control

I read this Reuters report this morning of the U.S being asked to leave a Pakistani base used for launching drone missions and I am totally blown away by the different stories collected and reported upon from different sources. LINK

We are definitely in a bind. Pakistan is a regional nuclear power but we act as if we have not a care for that fact. Getting OBL, politically, plays great here in the U.S. but in Pakistan the consequences are huge. We have no way out of this mess except for one. $$$$ I don’t know what it’ll cost us to get out of this mess, if it’s even possible, but if so it’s going to be expensive.

Regionally, we are getting in deeper and deeper as time passes with the quagmire growing by leaps and bounds. Washington has to recognize that we’re making enemies faster than we’re making friends. The Bush administration botched this right from the beginning and Obama has only made it worse. Our policy of preemption is a disaster. We can’t go around and completely disrespect other nations borders. And especially not when the reason is to curry political favor in the U.S.

We have got to get out of Dodge. Fast!!

Pakistan has stopped the United States from using an air base in the southwest of the country to launch drone strikes against militant groups, the defense minister was quoted as saying, as ties remain strained between the two countries.

Pakistan has long publicly opposed the missile attacks as a violation of its sovereignty, but has in private given support including intelligence to help target members of al-Qaida and the Taliban in the northwest region along the Afghan border.

The Financial Times quoted Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar as saying that Pakistan had ended U.S. drone flights out of Shamsi base in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, long reported to have been used for the covert war against militants.

“No U.S. flights are taking place from Shamsi any longer. If there have to be flights from the base, it will only be Pakistani flights,” Mukhtar told the newspaper.

Ties between the countries, strained since the killing of two Pakistanis by a CIA agent in January, suffered a further setback after Navy SEALs killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in a secret raid last month that Pakistani officials said further breached its sovereignty.

Pakistan’s army has drastically cut down the number of U.S. troops allowed in the country and set clear limits on intelligence sharing with the United States, reflecting its anger over what it sees as continuing U.S. interference in its affairs.
Story: Gunmen kill senior Pakistani Taliban commander
Washington had been asked to remove all its infrastructure from the Shamsi air base, the Financial Times cited an unidentified Pakistan official as saying. The official, though, said, no drone flights had taken off from the base since 2009.

Since President Barack Obama took office, drone strikes have been stepped up, focused on the Waziristan region in northwest Pakistan, a hub for militants from around the world.

These attacks have further intensified since bin Laden’s killing which reinforced suspicion in the United States that elements of Pakistan’s security establishment may have helped hide him.

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2 thoughts on “Out of Control

    1. You pose an appropriate question Dick. I happened to have spoken to an Indian national I know for a fair bit earlier today and in his view the terrorists in Pakistan and those left in Afghanistan are to blame for everything. Along with religious fundamantalists.

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