The Path of Least Resistance

As with most legislation working its way through congress and specifically the House of Representatives most legislation carries the mark of conservatives trying to rig the game as much as they can.

And so it is true for the patent reform legislation which has long been under review. The primary reason why it has been under review for a decade or more is corporate America has been working overtime behind the scenes to have the reform shaped to their liking and benefit. Maybe still this year but more likely next year there will be legislation passed and signed by Obama reforming the system.

To sum it up, corporations like it and individual inventors not so much. Hardly a surprise. If dems were still running the house there would likely be no legislation because of repubs dissatisfaction with the more even handed approach favored by dems. The house bill still needs to be reconciled with the senate version.

This bill reflects the fact that there is nothing happening in congress which doesn’t favor the rich and powerful over individuals. Nothing. We’re still on the wrong track on every issue and Obama hasn’t been able to at least achieve parity on all the one sided actions of government. Relative to middle class citizens, working class citizens and working poor the train is still in reverse and has their resources stretched to the breaking point. LINK

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Large electronics companies generally praised and individual inventors criticized the patent reforms passed yesterday by the U.S, House of Representatives. Congress still has to complete the legislation which is expected to have moderate impact across a diverse range of issues.

“A lot of people have put a lot of effort over the last ten years in this and our view is the House bill improved on the Senate bill passed earlier this year,” said David Simon, associate general counsel for intellectual property policy at Intel.


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