I just was referred to a site by Josh. Three popups in three seconds, one asking for a contribution of a buck a day. And Firefox has the nerve to brag about how it ‘blocked’ a few more! ha

Besides the irony that the Spectator has more ads than a mail flyer; the article was simply an ad to sell a book!

There are so many tricks at work that I really did not see three years ago.

I will tab youtube in order to play a series of songs. If you leave the tab open for too long following a song, and audio ad starts—which drives me nuts!

But youtube is not the only site that does this. Several sites will begin audio trashing my pc.

Now sites have to make money. There are folks who do actual research; interviewing folks, reading original documents….all the things that ‘journalists’ are supposed to do.

Lady Huff herself did a satire on how she was going to charge the reader by the word but giving vistors fifteen free words a month!

Of course Lady Huff is getting sued following her 300 mill sell out by ‘contributors’ of different levels of contributions because they never get paid.

And 80% (?) of everything at Huffpo is simply short paragraphs describing news (?) from other sources. I think one of the jokes at that Press Dinner noted that everyone was invited to a Huffpo party that evening. Of course you had to bring your own food and drink!

I get it.

It is just that sitting here in my small apartment with my portable, the web is expensive enough but I could be out of pocket hundreds of dollars every month visiting the simplest of site.

NYT lets me read three articles for free a month and wants me to pay them thirty bucks a month if I want more. I might sign up in mid July just to try it out.

The Washington Post was doing that three years ago; but who the hell wants to read the Post any longer since that fascist purchased it along with the WSJ.

They all want my money; something I have very little of.

If I paid Time, Newsweek, the NYT, Mediamatters, The Nation, and scores of other sites, I really think I would be in hock for four or five hundred bucks a month.

And yet, how else do these professional writers get paid?

I used to go to the library once a week to read a real Sunday NYT; it really is a wondrous experience. It weighs five pounds and you need a table to yourself so that you can separate all the wonderful sections. It truly is a work of art especially noting the weekly mag stuffed inside.

I used to purchase four or five newspapers a day, besides receiving the local papers at home.

I don’t even wish to get into the issues of proprietary interest; which in itself has become a real can of worms.

This is just a thought going nowhere, as usual.

I just have seen a trend over the last three years.

Remember, we are shut off from much info on the web.

Google has embarked on quite a laborious gift over the past few words to open up a library of sorts for books written more than 80 years ago. And Google has gotten into trouble over its noble efforts.

Not everyone is happy about this effort to spread so much info to the masses.

Over the next year or so Google will be involved in scanning millions of more pages of books tomes.

The time period for these books is listed as 1700-1870.

Of course Google also sells books that are not out of print. &

I find old books all the time on the Web.

If you want a Bible (even that cat bible) or The Republic or any Greek Tragedy or Comedy; they are their for the asking. And the reading is free!

So all is not lost!

I just know that more and more sites are going to be asking for or demanding subscriptions from their readers.

And good writers should be paid for their labor!



7 thoughts on “PAY TO PLAY

  1. I’m going to respond Dick before I get too far into this. I use IE9. Everything works and when set correctly I get ZERO pop-ups and other crap. None. It just doesn’t happen.
    Now I will read on.

    Print media is on life support. Tablet computers, electronic books, smart phones (what a crazy assertion that is) etc are taking over the world. This is good. Think of all the trees that’ll be saved. I had a paper route for years when I was a kid. I’m not nostalgic for those days.

    I think of all the books I dragged all over the world with me for years and years. It’s only been in recent years that I started getting rid of them. By the box full. Several months back I tried to get rid of some and I had a hard time even giving them away. And you can’t put a cardboard box full of books on the curb with your trash. They won’t take them. You can’t even put them in your recycle bin. It’s like books carry a contagious disease or something. I got no idea how this works. I finally found someone with a dumpster who let me dump them.

    And forget about the facist who didn’t used to be a U.S. citizen. Why the hell we signed him as part of team USA is beyond me. He was just looking for a tax write off.

    1. Well 21 years of schoolin got me to hate lugging books around. Like you I have hundreds of them. Seany keeps bringing them up when he visits because he sought them out and stored them.

      I have no book cases so I put them in piles. ha

      Anyway I laud Google to get so many of these books on line.

      1. 21 years. I was at two graduations today. One niece and a nephew. I actually went to the ceremony at our local civic center for the niece. Now there was a trip to yesteryear.

        Afterward at the party where, like usual, a great many family showed up I was talking to an aunt of 87 years who still has everything working upstairs. The topic was education and I was wondering how I’m going to keep up for however long I have to keep working. I spend maybe 8 hours every week digging in computer stuff keeping up my skills. Done that forever. It’s still interesting for me but I’d guess at some point it’ll become a chore. What then?

        1. You know, I have had very few talents in my long life (compared to puritans for example) but I acquired the gift to take tests. hahahaahha

          So I took the SAT’S and the LSAT’s and I did okay; relative to the peeps I was testing against.

          I will never forget taking the LSAT with a hangover and the guy next to me had this pencil and this terrible fixation….I never saw him in one of my classes but who knows?

          There was vet preference, racial preference, female preference…I just recall that there were only 210 seats available….

          If I had it all to do over again, I would have gotten an advanced degree in teaching or Anthro or anything else.

          I really do wish I could go back and do it all over again–without the pain. hahhahahahaha

  2. I guess we will be reading blogs more then newspapers. Bloggers do share alot of information. I just wish they would write more about history and other interest besides politics.

    1. Plenty of people write about history already and judging by what goes on nobody pays any attention to what historians write. For a lot of people they gotta screw up exactly the same ten times or more till they get it. Ain’t no book ever gonna help them. How many wars we been in and ain’t figured that out yet.

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