Attacking a Convoy with a Bomb of Molten Copper.

What better vantagepoint to tell you of this, than from right here in my walled compound in Baghdad!  Well!  So, a concave cone made of copper is used to seal an explosive charge in an improvised explosive device:

An example of a Shaped charge IED

Thia creates a hollow space in front of and along the axis of the charge.

Shaped charge penetrates a steel plate (from left to right) showing spall and jet plasma on both sides of the armor plate.When the explosive is detonated by a mobile-phone trigger, somehow “the copper transforms into a forceful jetstream of molten metal known as “plasma,” as the internet explains.  “This plasma jet easily perforates ordinary steel armor, hitting the surface at a speed of 8,000 meters per second and extremely high pressure.” Some say that there is no armor in the world that can stop this plasma, though I have no idea.  “If the plasma is not obstructed by a target within few meters, it solidifies into a kinetic slug which is less effective against heavy armor,” but short-range attacks, say, from a roadside trashcan to a passing vehile can inflict ghastly damage.

One of my colleagues here was killed yesterday by one of these while riding in armored civilian convoy.  His guard team was all banged up, too, but they have already been released from hospital after removing shrapnel.  Some spotter was waiting for the opportunity presumably, and dialed the bomb phone at just right moment.  There were brief references on major U.S. news outlets yesterday.

The deceased was said to be pushing 70.  He was an American who came to this small compound reluctantly for just a 5 day financial consultancy, and he was scheduled to fly out the next morning.  It could have been any of us, on any day.


— Overreach THIS!


9 thoughts on “Attacking a Convoy with a Bomb of Molten Copper.

  1. OT you gotta do something about that death wish thingy. I did the same for 12 years during Vietnam and never came to my senses and survived. But everyone wasn’t so lucky. Get the hell out is all I can say. Cause I can tell you honestly nobody gives a damn. You and everyone else over there in whatever capacity are being used.

    1. “Cause I can tell you honestly nobody gives a damn.”

      Yah, I know it, OPC. Very glad you got outta Nam okay BTW.

      “You and everyone else over there in whatever capacity are being used.”

      Being paid pretty good BTW. It is making the financing of my wine business in Thailand an easy thing. Honestly. But then there are these liquified copper bombs, so ya gotta put in context, of course…

      1. As it ends up money ain’t that big a deal. I used to think so. Not anymore. Now I can get by with very little and be perfectly fine with it. I feel dirty thinking about having money with all that goes on nowadays. We got an awful lot of people who are very wealthy who are getting that way because of other people dying. But they never see it so it’s just fine with them.

        But you have a good point. Get it while the getting is good and while your young. I’ll say a prayer you’re around to spend it.

        1. Don’t know what else to do, OPC. If my business in Thailand does great, maybe I can go muck around with that. Right now I need the start-up cash, etc. Life is a continuing struggle for most of us, I suppose.

    1. This is maybe the best advice, Flowerchild.

      That, and asking yourself hard each time whether you *really* need to go to that meeting outside, or couldn’t you just phone it in, maybe from underneath your bed.

      Nice to be in touch with you, Flower! 🙂

  2. Good to see ya again!

    I grieve for your colleague though.

    I grieve for the soldiers and journalists and civilians lost to this damn war also.

    Take care and watch your frickin back!

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