Feel Good Video Guaranteed to Bring a Smile

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4 thoughts on “Feel Good Video Guaranteed to Bring a Smile

  1. The Rihanna Man Down video is how I feel about the way this country is being raped. The sense of being violated is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore. My rage makes me want to do the same. I know full well that justice is impossible any other way. We can’t have gotten here were it not for injustice. It’s not a chicken and egg question. Injustice has been with us for a fair bit. Power protects power at any cost. We may not be a dictatorship in this country but the consensus lawmaking decisions of the political class has rendered that as the end effect. I can’t help but know that there’ll come a time to take the man down.

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  3. I went out to breakfast and was thinking about the Rihanna, Man Down video during my third coffee refill.

    It’s very powerful. I think every guy should watch this a few times and listen to the words and the melody and take it in. Artistry sometimes reveals itself in unexpected ways.

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