Republican Assholes Taking Away From Those Most In Need

Fucking Repubs in the house are the biggest assholes ever.

That’s all I have to say. LINK


4 thoughts on “Republican Assholes Taking Away From Those Most In Need

  1. cmaukonen

    Not only that but going after small farmers and locally grown food is just as bad. I think mainly in pictures and the picture I am getting more often is one where the House and Senate republicans get smacked in the face with a 2×4 filled with nails.

    1. I like that picture C. Hand me one of those 2×4’s. I know just what to do with it. And the more time passes the more they are making me feel that way. Interestingly, I am watching Cenk Uygur talk about this very thing right now.

    1. Coming from a ridiculous large family I have relatives who have used the WIC program. I know firsthand how important such programs are. In these difficult times, rather than get the hell out of the rathole in Afghanistan, where we are highly unlikely to ever achieve something worthwhile, we insist upon cutting important programs for Americans in order to pursue this mindless folly.

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