Some Rearranging of Priorities May be in Order

Setting up a bank so child laborers can save is recognized, by some persons, as a good thing.

This is in India where child labor is rampant and civil rights in general are all but nonexistent.

Perhaps in a nation of 1.2 billion people this is the best you can hope for.

I see this as very cynical. Banks strike me as having taken advantage of every economic sector without even the tiniest bit of social conscience in evidence. I can’t imagine this will be any different.


This is a horrific capitulation to a horrible reality that nobody cares to address. By various measure, injustices of this nature are increasing all over the globe. This will not end well.


4 thoughts on “Some Rearranging of Priorities May be in Order

    1. It’s repubs alright but their strings are being pulled by the likes of the Koch bros et al.

      We’re in a terrible fix. Democrats are morons, unwilling to fight, and repubs are part of an extreme criminal enterprise.

      None of them will say a thing about the very real condition where repubs have acted to block legislation to improve the economy and create jobs.

      They have done so for the express purpose of going into the 2012 election with terrible economic numbers knowing full well that history isn’t on the side of an incumbent president under that circumstance.

      This is equal to or just as bad as what Bush did with Iraq. And it’ll go unpunished as well. We are talking about two independent instances of some seriously treasonous activity by repubs in a very short span of years. And there is no arguing this. Look at their actions and the very predictable outcomes.

      You realize of course that this’ll all come crashing down eventually. You could write the ending right now. The outline of the script is all done. Just fill in the blanks.

  1. I just got done following Ramona’s thread at Dag Blog about all the efforts to organize in Mi. The truth is we have to make the Dems fight for us. LBJ told MLK to make him pass the Civil Rights act. MLK made him do it with non violent protest. So we will just have to get involved.

  2. The days of LBJ amd MLK are long gone.

    The only thing that matters now is money. Government is basically an extortion racket on steroids. Since Roberts & Co signed off on Citizens United the criminals are running the show.

    There is no way workers can pony up the kind of bucks it’ll take to get a seat at the table. The game has grown rich beyond measure. The Koch brothers alone have made a public commitment for 88 million dollars for repubs in 2012.

    The game as it has evolved has become about the big players at the table. Workers aren’t even in it any more.

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