Thoughts on a community based system

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately on what is wrong with the system and what needs to be changed. Liz Berry has suggested in her current blog that the problem is political, that both political parties are indistinguishable and that a third party would fix this.  I agree with her assessment but have serious doubts about the cure.  Jeffroby  has suggested organization of the poor and middle class for some political muscle.  And I agree with the organization part though I do not agree with the political part.  And OhioGringo sites Robert Reich on the WPA and CCC – government spending.

All of these posts are good as far as they go but in my opinion they do not go far enough or do they address to root problem.  First some unpleasant data.  48 percent of Americans believe that we will be in another Great Depression within a year, if we are not already.  SOURCE

Another financial crisis is inevitable. SOURCESOURCE SOURCE That real unemployment is getting worse and not better. SOURCE. The housing market is still in free fall. SOURCESOURCESOURCE
And to expect anyone in the federal or even the state governments to do anything to change this, is unrealistic at best. No one has in the last 4 years, why should they now ?

What I feel is necessary is organization on a community basis. Local among those of us in the lower strata for those of us in the lower strata. I get my cues and ideas not from some some ideological theories like Marxist communism but from situations that worked in the past. Like the tribal communities of the Native Americans and the Amish but updated to our current situation. It’s already being done but not in a collective manner but could be. Things like community gardens and food and medical cooperatives and free clinics. With organizations built around a truly democratic model where leaders and guidance are based on ones wisdom and creative skill.  A system where everyone’s ability to contribute in some manner is valued and basic necessities are provided for. But small and flexible enough to move with any changing conditions.  To be able to take what works and use it and to discard what doesn’t. A new value system based not on personal loss or gain but on respect and need.

Yes I know sounds pie in the sky.  But I see it as a choice between this or and eventual decline into some Neolithic anarchy. We have the technology to do this what it takes is commitment and the will to get ourselves out of this mode of feeling dependent on a system that see us only as article to be used and then tossed aside.  We are interdependent and we all share the same needs and wants. That is what binds us.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a community based system

  1. Community is fine.

    But guess what?

    You will first have to figure out how to disassemble the powerful centralized financial control that has overtaken this country.

    Which also means undoing the regulatory scheme which has permitted the centralization to come about.

    They say you can never go home again. Good luck with this.

    1. cmaukonen

      Not necessarily. You work towards being independent of the system and interdependent with in the community.

      But one needs to stop feeling like a victim or slave to the system. And to start now preparing for the inevitable collapse. The most difficult part will be housing. IE real estate which the banks have purposely made so expensive that nobody can afford it without going in the hock up to their eyeballs. There is a glimmer of hope there though. That whole situation is so fubar now that nobody is sure who has title to what and a number of banks are just walking away from houses themselves.

      Once the the system starts it’s massive failure and more and more banks fail, do you really think anyone is going to give a wet slap who owns what ? How many bank employees and property managers are going to stick around once their paychecks stop coming ?

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