Amazing Pics of Chile Volcano from TPM

I spend a fair amount of time looking at the daily collections of photos from all over the place and published on various sites to be viewed by anyone.

I ran across this bunch this morning and again I am amazed by the photography. LINK

I’m not going to try and embed these because I’m sure they are better viewed in full screen mode at TPM


5 thoughts on “Amazing Pics of Chile Volcano from TPM

  1. I’m with Dick on this one. I’ve never seen so much lightning at once. Nor did I have a clue that lightning strikes were even part of a volcanic eruption. Amazing photos.

  2. This happens, I suspect, because there are so many charged particles in the atmosphere in the form of volcanic ash etc.

    As far as lightning though it’s not such a big deal. Tampa Florida and Florida in general is known as the lightning capitol of the US. You can look it up. It’s crazy to see what goes on there. When I lived there we did a land office business with computers that were fried from lightning. It happens all the time. Tampa is the absolute worst place for electronic devices that I know of. Living there, I saw first hand, the most unbelieveable light shows you can imagine. It’s so bad that if you have a business around those parts and try to get insurance to protect your computers it costs a fortune. And if you get whacked two or three times insurers won’t issue you insurance any more. Some small areas of several square blocks are this way where they get hit bad all the time.


    Q: Why is Florida the “lightning capital” of the U.S.? Why does it get so many lightning strikes? Coral Gables Senior High, Coral Gables, Florida

    Dwyer: Dear Coral Gables Senior High,

    As you know, Florida is a long peninsula with nice warm oceans on each side. During hot summer days, moist sea breezes are drawn in from both sides of the peninsula. When these sea breezes collide, some of the warm, moist air is pushed upwards, which allows the energy stored in the air to be released. More specifically, humid air contains a lot of latent heat, which can be converted into other forms of energy. The result is what’s called an air-mass thunderstorm. These thunderstorms have very powerful updrafts that shoot the clouds up to over eight miles above the ground and make a whole bunch of lightning. The highest concentration of lightning strikes occurs near Tampa, but we also get our fair share on the east coast where I live.

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