No Matter What, Our Universe and the Atom Are Still There

Things out of Japan don’t look good. It is being reported that the nuclear meltdown was indeed very bad. This isn’t going to be easily fixed. It will have a very long lasting influence on the country of Japan and on its citizens. And on the world.

There is an awful lot of noise across the globe with nations wanting to back away from nuclear power generation. Under the circumstances that is understandable. However that doesn’t alter one bit what we already know and specifically how our sun works and how that logically should inform our progress. Our entire universe works on the power of the atom. Ultimately we do need to learn how to safely harness the power of the atom. We can do that. But not if we insist upon operating within an economic model which prohibits doing it safely. The long term survival of humankind requires we do this but we have to come to grips with the idea that we eventually have to put away profit, wealth and class bias as elements of the equation of life. They don’t really belong. Not if we plan on achieving success or surviving. Profit and wealth are confused goals of confused persons who we should learn to ignore.


4 thoughts on “No Matter What, Our Universe and the Atom Are Still There

  1. A friend of mine traveled to Japan last month as part of his work. He’s a geologist, studies earthquakes. He was sent there for a month and was paid very well for it. I was worried the whole time he was there. When he got back, I asked him about the radiation fears. He said that he has a sore on his arm, and is having it checked out.

    I don’t think all the money in the world could send me to such a dangerous job. And I fear for the people in Japan.

    1. …All the money

      We have a lot of Americans in a lot of dangerous places risking it all for you and for I for very little money. When it’s necessary people have to step up. But only when it’s really necessary. And we can’t really leave the decision for this to the idiots or to those with the least at risk and certainly not to those who would stand to benefit. We keep getting that part wrong.

      I worked in this very area for quite some time and know it fairly well and knew a lot of people there. Some may be dead now and certainly all are affected.

      You sure are up late. I noticed Dick also posted at 2:00 AM. Meet me at #Paradigm?

  2. Energy production is always subject to the benefit/burden test.

    Like anything else.

    I do not mean to be cruel, but the incredible disaster(s) experienced in Japan–especially in light of Hiroshima&Nagasaki–might have beneficial effects in the long run.

    Germany is going nuclear free in two or three decades because of the disaster. And Germany does not ever face tidal waves or monsoons.

    It was just two or three years ago that we were confronted with the nuclear miracle in Europe

    We shall see–there are hundreds of billions of dollars to be made in nuclear power.

    Money usually wins out.

    1. Money plays a part in everything. No doubt. I do think though that there will be an eventual reliance upon the fundamental physics of the universe. How long we can survive as a species is dependent upon that. How we advance science is everything. We’re already at a point that we couldn’t support even half the population of the world absent our present level of technology. There is little appreciation for where we already are in that regard.

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