Sun-bong Choi is the Korean version of Susan Boyle.

He is the street urchin who made good.

You can read the article in Time.

He has an operatic voice to be sure.

And he was a bit of a set-up since he attended the Korean equivalent of Julliard whilst the audience is given to believe he is a homeless urchin wandering the urban streets in search of a mommy.

But Susan Boyle was also a bit of a set up since you do not just show up on these ‘contests’ without being screened in the first place.

He’s not the first one to be swept up in controversy, either. It was revealed later that Paul Potts had taken a master class with the legend himself Pavarotti, and Susan Boyle had also trained and recorded for a charity CD before her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Read more:

I have no idea what kind of access the judges have to screening tapes. But the producers of these ‘reality shows’ only permit the worst singers/actors/athletes to reach the stage when the purpose of the presentation is satirical (read cynical) in nature.

And as the purpose of movie producers is to create further wealth for any cinematic presentation by availing themselves of all media forms; great wealth is manufactured in these contests through recording contracts for the winners.

Everything is planned. Somebody is going to win! Win, place or show I should say; since the top three contestants will receive recording contracts and be scheduled for stages throughout the globe.

I have learned to not trust anything I see or hear on TV unless it is presented in a fictional context.

I assume our current President was never disbarred as an attorney and was never arrested on suspicion of robbing a bank simply because reporters receive a lot of money and fame for breaking those types of stories.

Anyway back to Choi.

What really struck me about the video and the article was that I was once again presented with a parallel universe.

I mean Boyle was on a British stage.

And the set-up for the Korean show was exactly the same.

Everybody is speaking Korean, but the gestures, the crying, the facial expressions, the hand and arm movements, the types of introductory questions, the audience reactions, the clothing, the stage accoutrements…

I mean talk about cloning!

We might not have reached a one world government as of yet; although international corporations act the same here as they would in Korea or Japan or China. Management knows how to bribe and extort and cajole all governments to act in a manner of benefit to corporate theft. Whether that be theft of natural resources, theft of labor and the ultimate theft of our humanity.

And this international corporate model is really turning humanity into a single cultural entity.

There was this silly movie starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes entitled Rising Sun.

I will still pick up 20 minutes of the movie when it shows up on cable; just for laughs.

I mean it is literally a laugh a minute even though that was not its intent.

Rising Sun was actually a Chrichton novel and as everyone knows he never let go of any of his projects
so naturally his name appears on the credits for the screen play.

The point I am attempting to make here (and not very well) is that we are supposed to believe that bowing and backing away from corporate tables and specific expressions are mandatory in order to interact with the Japanese culture.

We are to believe that there still remains cultural diversity on this planet; that there still exist secret idiosyncrasies amongst our various tribes.

George W. Bush held hands and was seen kissing—literally– the Saudi Prince who was dressed like Lawrence of Arabia.

And our current President was lambasted for bowing to the Japanese Emperor.

And yet the al Qaeda bastard dressed in traditional ME terrorist garb with a towel on his head was telling other traitors living in this country to get their shit together.

He was speaking in street lingo and not including ‘Praise Allah’ as a phrase in every single sentence.

Think about it.

In Mississippi it would have been perfectly OK for someone like Haley Barbour to down play the struggle for Civil Rights during the 60’s.

A wink and a nod; a knowing compliment to some old White Citizens Counsel (while putting down the KKK); a reference to youthful interest in young girls over any concern for politics…

Unless you are Morgan Freeman, there would be no criticism of Haley’s view of the universe from a Mississippi perspective.

I am sure that it would be culturally incorrect for someone to stand at some presentation in an all white country club and utter the ‘n’ word; something that would have been perfectly all right three decades ago.

But Haley who probably had no evil intent (from his standpoint) was forced to ‘back-pedal’.

As a matter of fact I think this was the reason Haley bowed out of the Presidential race.

Barbour decided he just could not be himself.

There is a need to conform. This need is impressed upon us by the media.

Forget ‘main stream media’ or ‘lame stream media’ for a moment.

Haley’s comments were most probably broadcast all over the planet.

The reaction was immediate.

That republican commissioner in Alabama recently held a press conference in a white gated community to broadcast his views concerning the education of Black kids. This presentation was satirized on every cable network (except FOX of course). If you recall he simply stated that funneling educational funds for tech updates in poor Black schools would be a waste of money since Black children never were any good at readin, ritin or rithmetic!

The reaction against this type of blunder was immediate.

I am aware that rush and savage and breitbart and beck and…..well these animals get away with murder.

But I feel there is more than just political correctness going on here.

There is a process that is world wide in nature.

Chinese businessmen do not wear Mao suits. They wear western suits and ties and pants and shake hands.

Those movies made in Bombay show more and more teenagers wearing their versions of jeans with their shirts hanging out instead of ‘native’ garb.

This is an interesting phenomenon to me.

I do not think that the new homogeneity will breed world peace or anything that beneficial to humanity.

As a matter of fact these ruckuses in Muslim countries are a direct result of all these technical devices that spread this new corporate generated world culture.

Many millions of folks world-wide will tweet their junks.

Kids will be singing Lady Gaga songs in Botswana.

Beijing households will be viewing reruns of Mannix and Bonanza.

Moscovites will download pirated copies of Hangover XIV.

Danes will refinance their cars following a bad week on internet poker.

Venezuelans will continue in their attempt to block internet porn from their kids’ pc’s.

Homeless kids in Guatemala will be twittering on older versions of the Brownberry.

Children of devout Roman Catholics in Poland will wear nose rings and sport Mohawks.

This really is a brand new world.

I don’t know how brave it is.

In the end we all wish to conform in one manner or another for fear of really being different.



  1. cmaukonen

    Wall Street and Madison Av. will always try to market what ever is popular to the current culture. As soon as it’s no longer selling, it vanishes. When was the last time you say paisley shirts and leather for sale ? Both replace with cheesy polyester when disco came in.

    But they are currently slitting their own throats since pop culture fadism was and is purely a middle class pursuit. The rich are not interested and the poor can’t afford it.

    1. I just find it interesting that people across the globe, from such diverse cultural origins and turning it all in for some sort of western corporate generated model of what a person should look like, talk like, act like, believe like…

      The ‘ideal models’ are on tv, the web, the ipods, the telephones…

      It is all very amazing to me.

  2. It’s both a blessing and a curse that you recognize how confused this all is Dick. Just think of all those who have no idea. Actually I don’t know which might be better for our individual sanity. We could be oblivious or maybe ambivalent to the absurdities of life but that wouldn’t be much fun. You see what I mean. I can’t decide which I’m more comfortable with. Confusion is our name.

    1. I aint pickin sides here!

      Again, to ‘see’ folks speaking a different language and yet acting EXACTLY the same is very strange to me!

      I should say a nonEuropean people.

      This new network, this new tech is really changing the world.

      For good or for bad?

      Hell what do I know?

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