I can’t decide if I’m off base by being astonished and somewhat critical of this or not. It’s not like this is hard to figure out or like it’s uncommon. Have we grown this unaware of our environment? You’d think that in rural states there would be a greater awareness of nature than in an urban setting. This took place in Cookeville Tennessee. You know. That state where mining companies continue to blow off the tops of mountains, pollute local streams along with the aquifer where people get their drinking water. There is a very certain relationship between this level of unconsciousness and the perils we face. This gives me an awful sinking feeling. LINK

Cops called on cicadas
From the Cookeville Herald-Citizen

by Mary Jo Denton

COOKEVILLE — The cops can quell many kinds of disturbances — but they can’t do anything about the cicadas.

That doesn’t mean they won’t check it out.

Putnam Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Joe Davis said he was dispatched to the Free Hill Road area on Wednesday after a resident called to complain about “some type of loud machinery noise” in the area.

When the deputy arrived, the complainant told him he had already driven the whole road “and could not find anything making the noise.”

“I advised him that it was the cicadas in the woods behind his house making the noise,” the deputy’s report says.

The complainant’s wife told the deputy the noise “started about a week ago,” the deputy said.

“I advised them that there was about a week and a half before it will stop,” the report says.

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3 thoughts on “Huh!!!

  1. cmaukonen

    Not surprising really. I know a guy who grew up on a farm in Iowa but I knew more about farming than he did. His father did all the farm stuff.

    Of course we both had to explain to a mutual friend what silos were for. 🙂

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