Oneth by Land, Twoeth by Sea – The Idiots Are Coming

What are the chances we’ll survive the idiots? The ones who continuously misrepresent facts and history and in fact mock knowledge at every turn. No wonder we’re in such a mess. I have a sense we could take a major portion of what goes on in Washington every day, totally uneditied, and pop it right into the latest edition of SNL and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Honestly. I bet you could.

From the House Speaker on down there isn’t a day goes by but what credulity isn’t challenged on a grand scale. Right now all you hear from would be republican nominees is how the policies of the Obama administration have failed. What you don’t hear is a single comment reflecting on the constant obstruction of republicans ever since the very first day Obama took office. There has not been even the slightest cooperative effort to find effective solutions to the problems we face. Virtually everything has been predicated upon a mountain of false information being put out there by republicans. You can’t begin to find solutions unless you are willing to accurately assess the problem. That hasn’t happened and still isn’t happening. Frankly I happen to think this handily exceeds an ethical collapse. I think it is well into an illegal enterprise. It’s just too easy to demonstrate how facts and the truth have been constantly misstated. The intent to deceive is unmistakable. This varies little from what GWB did with the facts leading up to the IRAQ war. That was a deception, with an extreme consequence, the same as we have right now.


4 thoughts on “Oneth by Land, Twoeth by Sea – The Idiots Are Coming

  1. Yup. That’s why we have to challenge their lies every time. It takes a lot of time and effort, seeing as how many untruths are being put out there on a daily basis, but we have to do it.

    1. We can do it here but where it has to be done is on the TV by the MSM every day.

      There has to be an in your face challenge to the blatant falsehoods at every turn. This challenge has to be taken up by our elected dem officials and the talking heads. The lies are literally killing this country.

      1. This over the top lying is a more recent phenomena though. It’s unbelieveable in it’s callousness and class bias. I’d have never thought we’d experience a social regresssion this dramatic. It has crept up on us in a way I wasn’t prepared for. Our political and financial elites, all of them, are in the grip of this to the extreme. The divergence from reality is disturbing to say the least. I don’t see it registering on the social conscience of the elites very much at all.

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