Oh the Disparity!

For some reason, tonight my mind is pondering these two different HGTV (Home and Garden TV channel, via cable) specials.

I saw both of these at some point last year.  They struck me then, and even more so now, as being the perfect illustration as to what is wrong with our country today.

In the first HGTV show, Holmes on Homes is asked to help a wheelchair bound woman finally complete the ongoing renovation she’s been attempting on her bathroom.  She simply wants to be able to get from her wheelchair into her shower, easily and comfortably, without outside assistance.  Holmes not only fixes the issues a previous contractor left undone, but gives the woman an easily accessible kitchen remodel to boot.  All within budget of HGTV, presumably.  And very well appreciated by both the woman and us viewers.  A really nice, feel-good moment especially comes at the end of the episode when the lady realizes she can pull her baked goods out of the oven with ease for the first time.


In the second HGTV show, focusing on rich folks and how they amuse themselves, a couple explains why and how they turned a space in their mansion into a six-car garage-cum-ballroom.  Here is a link to their house, now for sale.


I really have nothing more to say.


2 thoughts on “Oh the Disparity!

  1. cmaukonen

    At some point money can lead to a rather boring life. And we all know what they say about idle hands, don’t we.

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