WTF Anthony?!?!?

You can’t say “with certitude” that the crotch shot picture isn’t you??!!??

What the hell does that mean?!?!?

Come on, man.  This is the last thing anyone needs right now…and YOU are the last person that a story like this should be coming from!  The GOP Medikill plan is on the ropes, Ryan, Boehner, and the rest of them look like kooks and suddenly you can say  “with certitude” that a close up like that isn’t you??

Really.  You are unsure??  It might be??

Man, I am beside myself.   I still think this whole thing smells like a hack, but why is a smart guy like Anthony Weiner giving it legs?  No one was treating this seriously.  I mean, Fox laid really low on this one – I’m sure because they sniffed out that it was bullshit.  Even Drudge didn’t believe it.  He ignored the whole thing…until today…until Weiner breathed life into the story with his fucking lack of “certitude.”

What The Fuck, Anthony.


5 thoughts on “WTF Anthony?!?!?

  1. At some point in time a photo was taken. That is what this means. It also means that Weiner doesn’t know what became of the photo. With the mountains of digital content we all have I would guess Weiner is subject to misplacing it just like anybody else. That said, I know for sure I don’t have a personal crotch shot floating around the blogosphere. One of these days anyone who doesn’t may be in the minority.

    1. MSNY

      You know what? He needs to know better than that. He needs to know what ‘private’ photos exist of him. He needs to have made sure that he couldn’t be compromised.

      Weiner already knew that he was public enemy number 1 to the Wingnuts. Don’t you think he could have used a little more caution when posting photographs of himself?

      And more than that, how about reacting a little more forcefully from the beginning? Call the Cap Police, call the FBI. Do this BEFORE lawyering up.


    1. Yeah Dick. You hit the nail on the head. You have to hand it to the congressman. It’s a heck of a long shot that with a name like Weiner he got to be a congressman. Nobody should be wondering why he comes across tough as nails.

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