Wake Up Call for Congressional Republicans

The ball is in their court. Kathy Hochul won the NY 26th Congressional seat quite handily. It’ll be curious to see how badly congressional republicans fumble this. The republican leadership is almost certain to double down. I hope they do. Scott Brown though has a different idea which I suspect is a more mainstream position. This is very much about powerful lobbyists and money. The medicare battle is less about healthcare than it’s about the insurance industry and Wall Street making off with a pot of gold.


6 thoughts on “Wake Up Call for Congressional Republicans

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! I just got the emails from Nita Lowey and Kirsten Gillibrand, celebrating the victory!! A Republican stronghold no more. Amen.

    1. For the moment anyway. We could be on the threshold where we change our elected officials like we change underwear.

      Unless they do what we want that oughta be how this stuff works. The only thing that really matters is who is delivering the goods. Voters should get a clue and make political parties irrelevant. That is what happened here. We need more of this. Of course republicans made a huge tactical error and told the truth about what they were going to do. Usually they just lie like hell during the campaign and afterward do what they want when voters aren’t paying attention.

  2. cmaukonen

    Thanks to the tea party in and out of congress. That Ryan budget is a real stinker and it ain’t gonna wash out easily.

    Like the skunked dog, it will be spewing forth for quite some time I feel.

  3. You know what legislation I want to see?

    I want an offshore labor / production tax that hammers corporations for moving jobs offshore. Except don’t make it a tax on the goods. Make it a tax on the excess profits garnered from the labor / production differential.

    I’ve had it with the corps playing countries labor pools, different economies, different currencies and different environmental regulations off agaianst one another. This has to be prohibited or negated by regulation. Corps make money just because of these differences. What a farce!!

  4. MSNY

    Wingnutistan will never, ever acknowledge their failures, and thank goodness for that. We should hope that the radicals double down on their insistence that the Ryan plan is the ONLY way to go.

    It’s fun to notice that Drudge has completely ignored this story. But we all know that had the Republican won, the win would be hailed as validation that old people actually want to dance on their way into the ovens. Drudge would have trotted out all of his ‘special effects’; That spinning police siren graphic, giant, shrieking fonts, and, of course UPPER CASE BOLD TEXT WITH LOTS OF RANDOM EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

    Fox only added the story this morning…thankfully they have the Midwest weather to distract their lemmings, so Rog and Rupert can pretend like it never happened.

    And, predictably, GOP mouthpieces have been in full denial mode for the past week, trying to blame the loss on the inclusion of the Dem turned teabagger, when they know damn well that this was all about Medicare. They invented Mediscare in ’10 and now it’s coming back to bite them.

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