NYC Smoking Ban – Stupid

One car making it’s way along the LIE or Cross Bronx spews more and worse junk than a thousand cigrarettes. But that is perfectly fine.

One coal fired power plant spews way more nasty stuff in one day that ten thousand smokers and harms everybody. Why doesn’t governmnet make them stop?


3 thoughts on “NYC Smoking Ban – Stupid

  1. cmaukonen

    Typical overreach by a bunch of sanctimonious, self-righteous snobs. With three count them three nuclear reactors in Japan in melt down mode and spewing radio active waist in to air and sea – I’m supposed to be concerned about my smoking and it’s possible effect on you out doors ???

    Give me a break !! These people are more likely to pass on from cancers acquired while surfing at Big Sur or swimming in Atlantic City.

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