More on Monkeys and Chimps

I hope it’s OK I use your storyline Dick.


In the above we have the RIAA winning it’s long running suit against Limewire. The RIAA was awarded $105 million. The RIAA theoretically represents the industry and is inclusive of the artists who make all the music. However, you wouldn’t know it by the distribution of the award. The RIAA is giving to recording artists… ZERO.

That is zero with a BIG 0. No money for artists. All of it to recording companies.

So much for equality of representation. This falls right in with the way the major recording and entertainment companies have always treated artists. Like shit.

Very much like governments treat citizens. Like shit.


2 thoughts on “More on Monkeys and Chimps

    1. This is incredible.

      But the public is not made aware of many class action suits where some class of people were totally screwed over by some huge corporation.

      Settlements are reached; attorneys are paid; and members of the class end up with Wall Mart coupons!

      So thanks for the links.

      And I consider us partners in crime anyway…so the use of the title is just fine with me. hahahaha

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