1909 painting The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan

Humans are behind a number of species extinctions, but in Uganda it’s chimps that are hunting monkeys into oblivion. Chimps in Uganda have been hunting red colobus monkeys, so much so that the monkey’s population has dropped 89% from 1975 to 2007. The findings were reported in the American Journal of Primatology this week.

I watched a few documentaries on the History/Discovey channels over the years and these chimps are far more powerful than we are physically. They will rush through their environment in a a manic hunt for monkeys. The videos of these chimps tearing apart monkeys is really disconcerting.

I mean these simians are literally screaming after their kills brandishing the limbs of the monkeys in an orgy of terror.


I have blogged about the chimps who run our banks and our mortgage companies on several occasions. I know next to nothing about economics to be sure; but I have read hundreds of essays concerning the 2008 downturn which began sometime in 2006.

In 2008 alone the banks lost over half a trillion dollars.

There were so many repercussions to this crash it is hard to enumerate them all. Pension funds lost huge percentages of their holdings. Corporations lost huge percentages of their holdings overall. Individuals lost on their 401k’s and IRAs and…

But we as a nation lost hundreds of billions in taxes.

America got its TARP back but the banks did not even pay taxes on the monies they paid back.

Sure we got 2 or 3 % on investment but since we lost all those taxes, that ROI was almost meaningless.

Yet, in 2008 thirty or so CEO’s received half a billion dollars in compensation. Of course there are definitional problems with the concept of ‘compensation’.

I mean do these charts include the cost of the limousine services, the stock options, the stocks, the pensions, the full parachutes? Oh and how about the special condo provided so that the head chimps can properly cheat on their wives who have signed all those pre-nups?

Now the rest of management involved in these hedge funds/banks/Wall Street headquarters also did rather well. Citibank lost 6 billion and the top employees for Citibank ‘earned’ 6 billion…

And yet you will hit WSJ or some other Murdoch funded cheat sheet and they all attempt to minimize the fact that management was not only stealing from the shareholders; management was sending the shareholders into debt.

Over the last four or five years there have been layoffs by these same banks/mortgage companies/Wall Street entities.

Corporate profits grew 38.8 percent in 2010, the biggest increase since 1950. But while CEOs earned an average of 20 percent more last year, many Americans continued to lose their jobs and benefits. The insecurity of the middle class has a lot to do with how executives are paid. Bonuses pegged to stock prices encourage CEOs to mercilessly outsource and downsize, slashing costs to boost profits. The result is that more corporate leaders are getting paid at the expense of average workers. Here are 10 of the worst offenders

This chart from MJ is enough to make any monkey mortally ill.

Hundreds of thousands of employes at these institutions were fired. They were sent onto the street and following the recovery of Wall Street, even more monkeys were fired by these management chimps.

Of course as a short cut to tweeking my memory I ran to Taibbi’s blog.

Taibbi gives us one anecdote about a monkey eating chimp demanding huge bonuses in 2007 for breaking the law and gambling on the predicted downturn with other peoples’ money.

To recap: in October of 2007, Birnbaum was pounding the table for a raise for his great work making a big short bet that year, going so far as to send a written presentation to management pointing out that what he did wasn’t simply a financial precautionary measure, not a hedge, but a balls-out bet. Imagine how sure you’d have to feel about a subject in order to send a memo like that to your company’s top executives.

The chimps feel they deserve more.

The chimps feel that they need more.

The chimps will stop at nothing to get more.

All to the expense of the working monkeys.

The narrator exclaims

These blood stained faces might well horrify us.



  1. Figurativey speaking, there has been a lot of blood spilled Dick. You make a very apt comparison. I’m sure I have seen the same show about the chimps.

    With homo sapiens we see both passive and aggressive behaviors within social groupings of the species. And we see both voluntary and enforced modifications of these behaviors over time. The one constant is the dynamic of the social pecking order where the manifestation and deployment of power (financial, physical etc) is ever evolving.

  2. ~flowerchild~

    So, with the Levin report now on the President’s desk, what are the chances of any forthcoming criminal charges against the perpetrators of GS by the DOJ? I mean, the truth is right there on paper now. It appeared the DOJ had every intention of letting this situation slide until this Congressional subcommittee took it upon themselves to investigate. (Acknowledgement should also go to Coburn for this report.) Is something going to come of this? Or is everyone just gonna come down with a bad case of the dumb? Epidemic of “Duh”.

    Just how the hell can Goldman Sachs get away with this? (Yes, this is a rhetorical question.)

  3. I was just reading elsewhere how there is a lot of activity on the part of law enforcement to make videoing or photographing cops illegal. They want to make it so they can tear people limb from limb and make it impossible to prevent them doing so. Cops = Chimps.

    1. this can’t fly, can it?

      They will never stop it even if it becomes illegal!

      All these phones that take pix!

      Must be millions of these being used every day!

      1. You see what is going on in Syria and Libya? Slowly but surely the ongoing erosion of our rights and the abuses of power here will make us indistinguishable from even the places we consider the worst. Over 1 billion picture taking phones are sold every year but it doesn’t make a difference anywhere in the world.

        Governments have totally lost sight of the fact that they exist to serve citizens. In fact, we have the inverse relationship having been formed worldwide. Governments increasingly have become comprised of a small cadre of powerful individuals and corporations which have turned the socio-political relationship of free states on their heads. Bush marketed the Iraq war to the entire free world and the governments all went along, even though among the global citizenry the idea of the war was an impossiblle sell. This is exactly the same in the US where congress often has bipartisan support for legislation that is opposed by 60% or 70% of citizens. This is government doing what it wants in support of a narrow minority whose interests are frequently in opposition to and harmful to the majority.

  4. This is really something TPC. I mean neither you nor I could have anticipated this Dick Tracy existence.

    We do not just talk into our telephones for chrissakes, we access the internet, we take pictures, we record sounds.

    This is the real power to the people!

    I am just astounded by this.

    And laws can be passed but laws are passed against drugs and free speech and everything you can think of.

    Hell Wall Street violated every law on the books as far as stock trades. But where are the indictments.

    And we already know is that the state cannot take on millions of people with the power of video.

    The state has taken on those who drive while intoxicated. 33,000 a year are charged in my state every year.

    But Minnesota would have to indict 1 million folks every year for taking pix of cops.

    We have no idea how this will play out but I think you have pointed out something very important.

    The entire world is faced with one or two BILLION people with the access to videos and interface and audio and….



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