Always do right, you will gratify some and just astonish the rest.


I just came upon this article discussing the rules of wisdom at Huffpo.

It reminded me that rules for wisdom are complete and utter horse shite!

Any this particular waste of a reader’s time notes 11 rules for properly getting through life.

You know astrology column gives you twelve or thirteen types of human beings and I have met at least 14.

Anyway this Dear Abby column gives one advice on eleven things you should not do or say. Hell I know hundred or more rules concerning what is good to think or good to say but here are three rules discussed in mighty Huffpo:

Never confuse movement with action.

Never dare to to judge till you have heard the other side.

Never ascribe to an opponent meaner motives than your own

Right after I found this Huffpo article concerning the  secrets of the universe I came upon this article concerning a fellow who hosts his own show on MSNBC.

Now, MSNBC is a gas for me anyway.

I will start out with Jughead and his Morning Joe but I can only take about fifteen minutes because this Mika idiot is there. I used to complain that she was high all the time but to tell you the truth she is worse when she is sober. I cannot take her voice any more than I can stand Palin’s orations.

There is something missing in the lilt so to speak.

About noon I will hit Andrea who weighs about 80 pounds, feigns to be twenty years younger than she really is and on top of that, she sleeps with a guy who died at least a decade ago.

But Andrea will do the normal even-minded interview and then flip out.

I watch her for about twenty minutes hoping she does a flip-out of course.

I mean, some idiot will come onto the show and start talking about how they really did find WMD’s in Iraq circa 2004 and she will say:


It is worth watching her for three weeks just to get to that moment when the truth is so defiled that she goes nuts. Hahahahahah

I love it when she loses it. Hahahahaha

Now at night there is Chris Matthews who has left turned since about 2006 when he finally came to the conclusion that dick cheney had been lying to him all along. Hahaha

Like he pretends to believe in truth and justice and the American Way; he was impressed by W. Bush’s impersonation of the guy playing his part back in 1996 in Independence Day landing on the aircraft carrier as if the sonofabitch had just attacked the aliens and Sadam in a fighter plane.

I will never forget when Chris demurred to his partner Keith O’s observation that what they were witnessing was shear and utter bullshite. Oh but this is the President of the United States Chris retorted!

Then, by 2006, Dick Cheney had actually called up Matthews boss requesting that Chris tone it down.

Well that was the end of that. Chris actually talked about it on the air the day after he learned of the admonishment. Hahahah

Okay then you will come to O’Donnell and then Rachel and you find yourself in the land of pure liberals and it works as background music while I play scrabble or write this drivel. I like Ed Shultz but he just kind of reacts like I do watching TV. And Stewart will throw-up all over him at least once a week attempting to demonstrate that old Ed is Rush on the left. Of course when Jon does this, I change stations!

That typification is untrue and unfair of course, but there is something missing in Ed’s delivery.

What I discovered recently was that I was missing this guy by the name of Martin Bashir who has his own hour show on MSNBC in the middle of the afternoon.

And let me tell you something.

This guy beats the hell out of Rachel and I love Rachel.

We gotta see that this guy gets his own night show. I swear I have never seen anything like this guy. I did not even know he existed.

He just started the last day of February this year on MSNBC. And Wiki has nothing on him.

Here are the official pix:

So I googled his name and found out he had been on Niteline for ABC. No wonder I never heard of him.  Who the hell watches Nightline since what’s his name quit?

Yahoo says Martin Bashir began with BBC which explains his wonderful English accent.

Turns out Bashir received world wide notoriety by interviewing Michael Jackson. Hahahah

This is not keen journalism of course.

I mean, Michael is it really a good idea to dress up in jammies and sleep with eight year olds?


But you see, Bashir will just ask the goddamn question:


You will see in the bio that Bashir first came to prominence interviewing Lady Diana. Which is probably the reason I never heard of the guy. I mean I never ever ever witnessed one interview with Lady Diana—though i hope she rests in piece for chrissakes.

I missed the last royal wedding watching reruns of Have Gun Will Travel anyway.

Well, I caught Bashir interviewing some fascist recently and I could not stop laughing. The guy will not let a lie lie without interrupting and saying:



Anyway, I caught Martin Bashir on Tuesday. And this was the most hilarious interview I have seen in years. He had Tancredo—remember we translate his name as I BELIEVE IN ANIMAL SKINS—on his show and it was better than SNL and Stewart combined.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir stunned ex-GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo on Tuesday when he used one of Tancredo’s columns to ask if he wanted President Obama killed.

In July 2010, Tancredo wrote in The Washington Times, wrote, “Mr. Obama is a more serious threat to America than al Qaeda. We you know that Osama bin Laden and followers want to kill us but at least they are an outside force against whom we can offer our best defense.”

“Wasn’t that a ludicrous thing to accuse the President of?” Bashir asked Tancredo on Tuesday. Tancredo said he “certainly” did not think it was ludicrous to make the analogy, and said that he was “very pleased” about bin Laden’s killing. The two argued about whether or not President Bush would have been praised as much as Obama has been had bin Laden died during his administration. Then, Bashir asked, “to follow your logic, would you have preferred then the death of the President as opposed to bin Laden?”

“No. Of course not,” Tancredo said. “My God. And that is not a logical assumption anybody can make.”

“You said the president was a greater threat than Osama bin Laden,” Bashir pointed out. Tancredo insisted that he didn’t want any violence or harm to come to Obama, “except political harm.”


This was not a set-up. Tancredo certainly would rather have seen Obama dead than Osama dead for chrissakes!!!

It is like Rush repeating his sentiment once again that his biggest hope in life is to see Obama fail no matter the pain and anguish felt by the American People! &

Watch this Bashir guy because he is my favorite Basher, please!!!

Tancredo is all memorization and always has his fascist notes available.

But this Bashir guy just cuts Tancredo’s balls off!

Well back to our rules. I would amend one of the silly rules I quoted earlier as follows:

Sometimes one must ascribe to an opponent meaner motives than your own!

Bashir teaches me this truer rubric of life or at least in interviewing.




  1. To each his own Dick. There are a significant number of persons on the right who I wish were dead. As I recall, you have expressed the same on multiple occasions.

    How we are harmed and who is behind it defines our enemies.

    An analysis, performed by anyone, of the underlying reasons this country has been harmed over the last couple decades should yield a common conclusion. But it doesn’t. So much for objectivity or honesty or integrity. We are none of these. Which is why we get our asses handed to us with such regularity. Even with the truth biting us in the ass, we don’t recognize it.

  2. Barth

    I like Bashir as well. Nightline was not a good place for him, tho.

    I remember Truth or Consequences after it moved to tv and Edwards concentrated on his other shows (“This is Your Life”), and Bob Barker hosted Truth. The other Truth quiz show: Goodson-Todman’s To Tell the Truth (a much less whacky show) was hosted by Bud Collyer (who had also hosted a Truth or Consequences rip off called Beat the Clock) and was, of course, the first Superman on radio

    1. i remember bud! Coke bottle glasses.

      I just recalled that I liked him. ha

      I think Q gave me some links to other BBC fellows. Hilarious deliveries.

      I am frightfully sorry but I do believe that must attack you most vigorously for….hahahahaha

  3. nasa100

    Seriously, how could any normal human being admire someone as despicable as Martin Bashir. He lives to make people look bad. I have never seen anyone constantly spew hatred towards their guests as he does. Most of his older interviews also give testimony to how he manipulates the interviewee until they no longer appear respectable. Who are your other heroes, The Joker and Hitler, Murdoch?

    1. Well fuck you and your mother anyway.


      I will tell you one thing for sure, he knows the soul of the living Hitler and that is Murdoch. hahaahahaha

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