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If you are what you eat, then this alleged burglar is a rare bird, according to police in Texas.

When East Dallas resident Jennifer Espinoza left her apartment to take her daughter to school Monday morning, she left a frozen chicken in her kitchen sink to thaw. When she returned at around 7:45 a.m., she noticed the window to her bathroom was broken.

“Once I opened the door, I saw the guy sitting in the sink, fully naked, eating [the raw chicken],” Espinoza told Dallas’ Fox 4 News.

The in-the-buff burglar allegedly ignored shouts from Espinoza to get out of her apartment and continued chowing down on the bird. When Espinoza ran outside to call for help, the man reportedly locked her out of the house.

You know, context is everything.

I mean I am absolutely positive that there are other naked men sitting around eating raw chicken and not wearing any clothes; there are 310 million folks in this nation alone and I am sure this scene is being duplicated all over the country.

It just becomes an illegal and immoral practice if you choose to do this in someone else’s abode without the resident’s permission!

FOX hosted the first Republican debate last night. Only five candidates showed up.

This gave Ron Paul the opportunity to make his views concerning the war on drugs crystal clear:

Just because heroin is decriminalized does not mean that everyone would begin to use Heroin.

Ronny went on to endorse gay marriage.

The subject of music never came up so that even though Mr. Paul received some cheers during the great debate, he never had the opportunity to scream: SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK & ROLL!

Ron’s responses would have worked perfectly at Woodstock or at a California meeting of the organization known as Californians for Anarchy; but in the context of a Republican Debate sponsored by FOX News, his message really did not ring out, as they say! You know what I mean?

He kind of looked like the naked guy eating raw chicken in some for girl’s apartment without her permission!

Former New Mexico Governor Johnson—and who could ever forget this guy and his accomplishments—wants to stop both wars in the Middle East and legalize pot!

Besides the fact that there is much doubt that this country could endure a third President Johnson; arguing for a 50% cut in defense funding as well as free marijuana for all might be a message saved for the entertainment car on the Peace Train. Frankly, I think this fellow just spent to much time in Taos.

Again, context is everything!

Sexy Ricky Santorum had the most appropriate responses; again considering the context of his presentation. Gay marriage is against God’s Laws; government is too damn big; taxing people does not good; and the war on terror should never ever ever end

He also pointed out that every single facet of President Obama’s foreign policy is wrong filled with incompetency and cowardice—except of course when he follows George Bush’s lead. And it was only through Bush’s lead that bin Laden was caught and executed!

Now this guy knows context.

Pawlenty more or less followed Santorum’s lead or was it Santorum following Pawlenty’s lead? Oh who cares!

Anyway Chris Wallace, the guy with the permanent smirk

The two just made clear the fact that lazy no good people are unemployed and the only way to get them back to work is to erase the mandate for minimum wages and destroy welfare forever.

Oh, and never never never allow abortion ever ever ever!

Finally we come to the pizza magnet.

How you magnetize pizza is beyond me but this Cain magnetized the audience with his rhetorical skill.

Cain kind of reminds me of a recent report on Frontline:

Now this country has elected a Rutherford so I see no reason to doubt that a Herman could not also be elected. I mean jesus h. christ, we elected a guy named Hussein.

And he did win this debate hands down. I think he won because he knew how not to answer!

Should we get out of Afghanistan now that bin Laden is gone?

Well some timetable should be implemented, but the problem with the current timetable is that those lousy stinking democrats don’t know our country’s ultimate aims and so we are asea when we should be led by our leaders.

Now if I could become your President…

But Mr. Cain, what should our aims be in Afghanistan?

Well, I must take at hard look at this issue and get back to you…

Hard, decisive and able to leap over tall issues in a single bound; that’s how a pizza magnet does it!

Oh, and the debates ended with the clear Mark of Cain.

And if you do not believe me ask that putz Luntz:

Here is video following the first 2012 GOP Presidential Debate held tonight in South Carolina, of a Frank Luntz focus group of GOP Voters. They overwhelmingly believe Herman Cain won tonight’s debate. In fact, only one of them started the night favoring Cain. After the debate, he is the top choice now of more than half of the 29 focus group members. Frank Luntz said he has never seen such a response for a candidate in all the debates he has covered – “Something very special happened here this evening.”

Pudge Luntz wired the heads of thirty people and cross examined them following the debate. And they unanimously elected Herman Cain!

And how can anyone possibly argue with 30 folks picked by Fox News?

Context is everything!


2 thoughts on “THE DEBATES

    1. Yeah but Paul and Johnson drew a line!

      Both these fellows would disolve the Department of Education, Department of Housing…, the Department of…whatever

      I would not vote these guys in over Baucus or Lieberman for chrissakes.

      But they said: FUCK YOU to the repub corporate bullshite.

      So I get a kick out of them. Both of them for just saying what they are really thinking.

      Santorum cannot really believe in his antiabortion crap if he is against helping the surviving children to survive!

      Santorum and Pawlenty and McConnel and all of those other bastards would supply no sustenance to the children they claim to save.

      At least Paul and Johnson have some consistency!

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