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310 million folks in this country and we are usually presented with a couple hundred faces over a week’s time on MSM.

Oh I probably run into a couple hundred more scanning the net over a week’s time.

And I am more aware of Minnesota and D.C. Faces than those from other parts.

Lately there have been more faces and more voices presented to bloggers simply because there are more and more state governors and state legislators attempting to destroy our democratic republic; seemingly in one full swoop as they used to say.

In this state we have an upper and a lower house now controlled by this political movement attempting to rub their boots on the poor and the dispossessed while attacking our middle class. All the time they are attempting to give it all away to the corporations and the rich.

“St. Paul, MN – Minnesota Republicans are pushing legislation that would make it a crime for people on public assistance to have more $20 in cash in their pockets any given month. This represents a change from their initial proposal, which banned them from having any money at all.—minnesota-republicans-want-to-bust-poor-people-who-carry-cash/question-1593783/

Oh these animals wish to decimate education in my state and give half of our budget to millionaires and corporations too. I just cite this law as being the most cruel piece of proposed legislation I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

It is like these ‘troops’ are all marching to the same tune. I would bet big dollars that the legislation being presented across this country on a state by state basis is being drafted at AEI or Heritage or some other fascist organization.

None of this is coincidental.

At least in this state we have a Democrat who won the governorship by a hair and he is busy vetoing legislation, as busy as our friend in Wyoming with the branding iron.

Today I ran into someone on the sidelines so to speak in Colorado politics. This bastard done his state so bad that Coloradoans have been attempting to dig themselves out of the mess he created.

Douglas Bruce had an auspicious entry into Colorado politics:

Colorado lawmakers introduced the first-ever censure measure on Wednesday, accusing Bruce of bringing disrepute to fellow lawmakers for kicking a newspaper photographer on the House floor while he was waiting to be sworn in (as a state representative).

Doug the Bruce had been involved in county politics for some time.

But in his short stint (the voters of course voted this photo butt kicker out after one year) as a legislator, he sponsored TABOR—the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Sadly, Bruce’s TABOR measure, which drastically limited Colorado’s ability to tax and to spend money, also turned out to be a giant kick in the gut for Colorado families. TABOR caused Colorado’s average teacher salary to fall to 50th in the nation, and it doubled the number of low-income children without health insurance. At one point, Colorado was so strapped for funds that it suspended the requirement that school children be fully vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough because the state could no longer afford to buy the vaccine.

Indeed, Bruce’s anti-tax crusade was such a disaster for Colorado that the state’s voters firmly rejected its prescription, enacting dozens of “de-Brucing” provisions designed to take the teeth out of TABOR. Bruce, however, apparently thinks he’s found his own solution to de-Brucing — if the state rejects his anti-tax crusade, he’ll just refuse to pay his taxes altogether

Can you imagine? I mean one lousy year as a legislator and he fucks up the State so bad that future legislators had to introduce legislation as deBrucing provisions? I mean the guy is famous.

Well old Doug has found himself in a heap of trouble since being thrown out of office two years ago.

A state grand jury indicted Bruce, best known as the author of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, on four counts of evading taxes, filing a false return, failing to file a return and attempting to influence a public servant. Three of the four counts are felonies, and the most serious of the charges could bring up to six years in prison and a $500,000 fine. […]

[T]he indictment says that Bruce filed a false state tax return for 2005, when he reported no taxable income. In fact, the indictment charges, Bruce earned hundreds of thousands of dollars that year through wages, interest income and the payoff to him of a real estate loan. When state Revenue Department officials questioned Bruce about the 2005 return, he provided documents containing false information, the indictment alleges.

This means of course that three years prior to his election and while he was introducing the legislation for a new fascist Colorado, he was a fricking felon.

Hypocrisy is nothing new to a member of the Republican Party.

That is really not THE NEWS in this item from the Progressive.

The news to me is that a nobody can screw up a state in no time flat!

And The Bruce’s example should scare the hell out of all of us.

This TABOR like movement is spreading like wildfire and one lousy election of one bad ass bastard can change the fortune of an entire state for years to come.

And we are witnessing this type of activity all across our country.


5 thoughts on “DOUGLAS THE BRUCE

  1. We have persons of privilege holding elective office everywhere. You can’t get elected without being a person of privilege. A person punching a clock in a factory, a nurse or a construction worker just can’t get elected. These people don’t move in the right circles where there are resources avaliable to get elected. The SC has ruled in a way to promote an electoral inequality that assures common folk are stripped of political power in perpetuity.

    We are stuck with a very narrowly defined socio-political mindset that can do no other than produce inequality and ultimately, failure. You can’t have our entire political leadership, at all levels, comprised of lawyers or top level business persons with MBA’s from Harvard. Rigging the system in this way is folly.

  2. cmaukonen

    We have persons of privilege holding elective office everywhere. You can’t get elected without being a person of privilege. A person punching a clock in a factory, a nurse or a construction worker just can’t get elected.

    We need to do away with this idea of privilege and everything that goes with it.

    1. Here was this old repub living on the county dole, earning his salary from public funds and he files false returns!

      Probably failed to report income he received in the form of bribes. hahaha

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