Joshua at TPM Needs Everyone’s Help


I hope all is well around these parts…

I’ve been quite busy just paddling ’round.

But I thought this might be of interest here at OUAP.

The following is an email I sent to Josh today…

  • Attn Josh: Medicare Issue‏

11:08 AM
To Joshua Michah Marshall
Dear Josh,You’re extremely interested in hearingwhat people are saying about Medicare Phase-Out in townhall meetings across the USA?I guess if you hadn’t closed the threads in the Cafe you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

You could read all about it within the warm confines of your own site.

Your admirer from the far left coast.

Good luck.


8 thoughts on “Joshua at TPM Needs Everyone’s Help

  1. Well …

    I really think that it would do Josh and a few of his interns good to try a 4 week tour cross country on a Greyhound bus.

    They could stop every 20 hours and hole up in the local No Tell Motel and take a walking tour and take in some of the sights and sounds of the local areas they visit.

    Sure they would…


  2. Oh hi Ducky!

    There has been a real reaction amongst the public against the attack on medicare by Ryan of course.

    It will be interesting how that plays out!

    1. cmaukonen

      Ryan is a member of the free market Reagan wing of the republican’ts. And still worships at the alter of Ayn Rand and Allen Greenspan.

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