You Gotta Love Capitalism

If you think food prices are high take a look at this for some confirmation. The soaring prices have some enterprising crooks on the move stealing entire trucklods of Florida tomatoes and meat. LINK

This is a perfect storm with the freeze this winter and diesel prices for growing and transporting goods at stratospheric levels. It’s gotten so bad that the prices are on par with flat screen TVs and designer jeans.

And who is most hurt by this? You and I. The oil companies and Wall Street, who have given us this zombie system of capitalism, along with congress of course, have no idea of the Frankenstein they’ve created. And I doubt they’ll see the connection with this either. They wouldn’t recognize a system under stress if it bit them in the ass.


2 thoughts on “You Gotta Love Capitalism

  1. Well put.

    Coffee is up about 40% over the last few months or at least the last year.

    But I cry not for me since I had to cut down on food; I mean I can barely see my feet when I stand!

    But kids need lots of healthy foods and healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive.

    1. I had a conversation with a mother yesterday and was enlightened on the healthy food issue. All the growth hormones that find their way into our meat and dairy products are bad news. I didn’t realize this but they’re making kids enter puberty etc far earlier. This woman commented about her daughter, at eight, was growing boobs. The doctor said to stop drinking milk and eat less meat. One of my sisters says absolutely do not eat any of the breakfast cereals. Apparently grain crops are part of the animal food chain and are treated or bred to contain things that were never there before. Apparently the damage is already done. Our food supply is seriously messed up. All the chemicals are a big problem.

      I know I have commented about this before but in antiquity, before the industrial revolution, cancers were unheard of. Instances of cancers in human remains before then is very rare. Medical researchers have studied this and concluded the vast majority of our troubles this way are man made. The flip side though is we can’t support the global population without scientific advances. Getting it right though is a tricky proposition.

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