It looks like the Wingnut Meme-maker Matt Drudge has officially soured on the idea of tea-bagged entrepreneur Donald Trump’s candidacy.  For most of last night and early this morning, Drudge ran a link to a 3 year old interview The Donald gave to news station NY1 in which he called George W. Bush ‘evil’ and praised President-elect Obama.  In a transparent attempt to mislead readers Drudge titled the linked video “YESTERDAY: TRUMP PRAISES OBAMA; BUSH ‘EVIL’…”

Clearly, Drudge is going out of his way to portray Trump as a flip-flopper and political opportunist.  It is also worth noting how rare it is for the GOP media to criticize a Republican celebrity – especially one that is currently sitting atop a field of uninspiring candidates.  So Drudge’s turn surely has deeper motivations.

This morning he added links from Real Clear Politics which chronicle Trump’s past declarations that Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, AND Barrack Obama are ‘the worst’ presidents in American history.’

Why would Drudge turn on Wingnutistan’s man of the hour?

One reason could be that he has seen the great glee with which the Democrats have received the prospect of the Tin-foil Comb-over’s candidacy.  The tea-bagger base may be infatuated with the prospect of Trump running, but very few outside of the base see him as a serious candidate.   The American public is also more focused on Job and the economy then they are on the birther issue, and rightly so.

Indeed, while people like Sarah Palin are praising Trump’s one-trick-pony act, many others within the GOP are more than a little concerned that Trump is damaging the GOP’s chances in 2012.  These fears were clearly evidenced by Bill O’Reilly’s thorough debunking and dismissal of Trump’s birther claims.  Note to Republicans:  When Fox’s number 1 rated talking head turns on you, you know you have trouble.

O’Reilly even seemed a little insulted that the ‘myth’ of Obama’s foreign birth, as he termed it, is still an issue, saying recently; “A “Factor” investigation also showed Mr. Obama was born in a Honolulu hospital and we stand by our reporting.”

Take that Donald!

Herman Munster Romney also took the opportunity to appeal to the remaining sane people in the ‘big tent’ by declaring publicly that he believes that Obama was indeed born in the USA.  It’s amazing what passes for moderation in the new GOP.

Even Neo-Con kingmaker and noted Turd Blossom, Karl Rove is warning Republicans that the birther infatuation will hurt the party, saying “Within our party, we’ve got to be very careful about allowing these people who are the birthers and the 9/11-deniers to get too high a profile..”  And this is coming from a man who never met a lie he didn’t like!!

Why is the GOP establishment also turning on the Donald?

A fresh poll, published today shows Trump trouncing his potential GOP competitors;

“Trump garnered 26% of the vote, followed by Mike Huckabee (17%), Mitt Romney (15%), Newt Gingrich (11%), and Sarah Palin (8%.) Ron Paul earned 5%, while Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty took 4% each.”


Republicans are desperate, not matter what they say.  Following the tea-bag revolution of 2010, the wheels have come off of the bus and the public is seeing the ideological lunacy that has seized control of the party.  John ‘Captain Orange’ Boehner has almost completely lost control of his caucus and his own approval numbers have plummeted in only 100 days.  The GOP governors swept into office by the Koch brothers have dramatically overreached in their zeal to please their corporate masters, energizing their opposition and complicating the electoral map for the party nationally.  And the field of potential Presidential hopeful is rife with crazies who have zero realistic chance in the general election.  The prospect of Trump throwing hundreds of million of his own money into a primary campaign threatens to deplete the party’s coffers in a year where Barrack Obama looks to be in position to raise a billion dollars.  This greatly worries party officials.

To make matters even worse, Trump recently threatened to run as an independent and potentially siphon crucial votes away from the eventual GOP nominee should Republicans fail to nominate him.

Yes folks, Trump is ballsy for trying to extort the GOP nomination, but the attempt is quite likely to cause his political demise as the party establishment cannot allow him to single-handedly torpedo their hopes of winning in 2012.

So, expect more attacks from Drudge and the GOP media to ensure that even if Trump decides to go independent, he won’t get much support from Republican voters.  The takedown will be interesting, to say the least.

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8 thoughts on “DUMPING TRUMP?

    1. MSNY

      Thanks Lis. I’ve adjusted my meds (figuratively) and think I’m ready to get back in the game.

      The idiocy of Trump is baffling. But the idiocy of those willing to support him is hilarious. We can only hope that The Tinfoil Combover decides to run.

  1. Trump is the perfect right wing cliche where anyone and everyone thinks they have a chance at the WH. In theory that may be true but in reality it’s anything but. In spite of all the money in presidential politics and all the PR, voters still have a major say and voters would never choose Trump over Obama. And the republican head shed knows this.

    Repubs are in trouble. Where are they going to find someone who isn’t handicapped with higher negatives than positives? And you know all the public polling that this congress repeatedly votes against with their crazy legislation? That will be a big deal in 2012.

  2. ~flowerchild~

    That poll should be taken as a warning to the GOP that they really don’t have a viable candidate at this point in the race. The polled Republican voters clearly are unhappy with the choices presented to them thus far and would rather throw away their vote on a crackpot, any crackpot, than seriously consider any of the other choices as indicated by the much lower percentage numbers of the rest.

    What I’m gonna be doing for the next little while is NOT keep my eye on those who have already declared their intentions, but scan the horizon for a moderate Republican that would appeal to the independents.

    1. MSNY

      I don’t think that creature exists anymore, at least not in the current environment. The tea-bag purity squads are forcing all new Republican aspirants to embrace their insanity by using their power to sway primaries. And once you go birther, it’s hard to come back. I don’t see FrankenRomney being able to cast himself as the only sane guy in the tent.

  3. This is great, just great!

    What had to be done was to get the repubs lying about each other for a change. hahahaha

    Great tape of the bush hater by the way. hahaha

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