Blind, Deaf and Dumb

Let it never be said we don’t have a serious hill to climb to find our way out of the political, financial and social mess we have.

Larry Summers makes the case HERE for the deregulation of the financial marketplace not playing a meaningful role in the financial collapse. I don’t know how you can arrive at such a conclusion without ignoring the obvious relationships between all the public data available on this topic. Given he was party to having engineered this mess speaks volumes to his credibility. Summers may well know a lot but I sure wish Obama hadn’t picked him to serve.

Maybe it isn’t possible to have highly informed persons in a given field without partisan ideology as part of the package. I don’t have a PhD in anything but I’m working on my PhD in life. One thing I’ve learned is don’t trust persons with a PhD. Especially ones with a PhD from Harvard University. Their collective track record is crap.


2 thoughts on “Blind, Deaf and Dumb

  1. I do not understand Summers.

    I was just looking at articles relating to a 639 page Congressional report demonstrating felonious activity on the part of the Wall Street management class as well as the ineptitude of government regulators.

    Why people like Summers defend these people is beyond me.

    1. That’s easy Dick. It’s a class thing all the way. Why we let them get away with it is the real question. I keep saying we need to oil up the old guillotine and give the blade a new edge.

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