Are Americans still outraged ? Oh you betcha

Well here is a chart that might shed some light on this subject.

From this article in Mother Jones.

So here’s the latest Gallup poll, asking people whether various groups have “too much power.” The funny thing about it is that Americans apparently think that everyone has too much power:

Soooo…..maybe this has something to do with the last election and may also have an impact on the next.

And to put a timely political spin on this, the lousy showing of the federal government goes a long way toward explaining why Obama “lost” the battle with John Boehner and the tea party over spending cuts. Without taking sides on whether Obama himself deserves any of the blame for this, the fact is that it’s pretty much impossible to win a political battle when the public is on the other side. And this poll makes it pretty clear that a big plurality of Americans are in favor of defanging the federal government.Of course, they’re largely in favor of this only when proposed spending cuts are aimed rather vaguely at “discretionary programs” or some such. Boehner won this round because the actual reductions on the table were never made concrete. (In fact, they’re still trying to figure out exactly which line items are going to be cut.) However, when it comes to something big and well known, like Medicare, this dynamic shifts in the opposite direction and Boehner will almost certainly be on the losing side of public opinion if he tries to push for big cuts. Political strategy matters in all this, but public opinion matters even more. That’s the main reason Boehner won this round and it’s the main reason he’ll lose the next one if he overreaches.

And in case anyone may have forgotten, here are some reasons why this is true. From our ..ummm…archives.

There is a French Revolutionary air in America these days, with bankers playing the part of the aristocracy.

Turn on the radio or open a newspaper and the bile comes pouring out. Michael Daly, a columnist for the New York Daily News, yesterday wrote about ‘the Wall Street subslime’.

Congressmen say calls to their offices are opposed to any bail- out of bankers by a factor of 100 to 1.

The FBI is already investigating four of the firms involved in the recent bail-outs as part of a possible broader look at mortgage fraud.

And here.

In a breakfast round table with reporters, Frank said that the public is angry that the banks haven’t started to lend more money. He said that people are also mad at CEO pay, purchases of executive jets, and even stadium naming rights. While he said that it is inevitable that some bankers will be rewarded with TARP funds, it is the responsibility of banks and financial institutions receiving the money to win the public’s support.

“People are outraged,” said Frank, who strongly backs CEO pay caps and has indicated support for limiting lobbying expenses by the institutions.

He warned that until the public turns around to support spending TARP II money, none will be approved by Congress. “I am confident you won’t see that going forward,” he told reporters.

This anger and rage has not abated much, it at all. Add to that the inaction on jobs and the economy and Americans have every right to want to kick everyone inside the beltway in the groin.

7 thoughts on “Are Americans still outraged ? Oh you betcha

  1. Thanks for getting the truth out there. I don’t know that there’s any easy answers but I do know that it shouldn’t be an “us versus them” mentality. There our problems, not yours or mine or someone else’s. Thanks

    1. cmaukonen

      I am just so fed up with the current crop of zombies in Washington these days and their apologists. Both sides are truly forgettable that is for sure.

      But what can you expect from a generation of sanctimonious, self satisfied narcissists who thought est was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      Self actualization from a former encyclopedia salesman.

      Oh gaud.

      1. They truly need to get out more. They’re all mesmerized in the Washington bubble and have only a superficial idea of anything outside of that. I’m awed by the myopia and the fact that so few of them pick up on it at all. I have some firsthand experience with how this works and thus it’s easy for me to see. But I do know the power of the trap they are in.

        I’m just getting to the point where I have an appreciation for the kind of effort one would have to make to gain the knowledge to do what we are asking of these people. I’m quite certain that very few people could actually do this worth a pee. The skill set, training and broad based knowledge to do this is huge. Only very exceptional people could actually do their job.

        1. cmaukonen

          They try to be nice about being assholes and pricks.

          Some of the best legislation though came out when congress more resembled a bar room fight than anything else.

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