George Orwell

Donald Trump lashed out at New York Times columnist Gail Collins in a letter to the paper published on Friday.

THE EMPTY PHOTO ALBUM “Our current president came out of nowhere. Came out of nowhere,” Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference to great applause. “In fact, I’ll go a step further. The people that went to school with him, they never saw him; they don’t know who he is. It’s crazy.”

This week on CNN, Suzanne Malveaux played Trump clips of Hawaiians reminiscing about the schoolchild Obama for a documentary the network had done on the president.

Look, I didn’t say that … If he was 3 years old or 2 years old or 1 year old and people remember him, that’s irrelevant,” Trump responded. “You have to be born in this country.”

Recent polls have shown Trump running second among potential Republican primary voters. I believe this is not so much an indication of popularity as a desperate plea to be delivered from Mitt Romney

Okay, so Gail uncovers another fable of Trump.

Donald Trump is making President Obama’s birth certificate a central part of his quixotic quest for the presidency. Trump began by dipping his toe into birther territory, but has now fully embraced the already-disproved concept that the president isn’t from here. One of Trump’s contentions is that “nobody knew him.”  However, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has asserted that he could verify that Obama was born in his state, and that, “I knew his mom and dad. I was here when he was born. Anybody who wants to ask a question honestly could have had their answer already.” Trump continued to beat the birther drum on Fox and Friends Monday morning, doubting Abercrombie and asking that the governor be investigated. And he wants to see a Certificate of Live Birth which has been available for three years. (You can click on the image to make it larger).

TRUMP: You know what I get a kick out of? The governor of Hawaii says, oh I remember when Obama was born. I doubt it! I think this guy should be investigated. He remembers when Obama was born? Give me a break! He’s just trying to do something for his party

So Trump has discovered that repubs love lies.

He witnessed rush and beckerhead and savage and bachmann and palin and…..

Who the fuck cares about truth any more? Ha


Well, who knows this man when he was a kid? Nobody knew this guy as a kid. Where did he come from?

Okay, so the Governor of Hawaii comes out and says:

I knew his grandparents. Hell I knew him as a kid!

Oh but the Governor is the only one so someone should investigate him!

Then Trump sees the replay of his previous statements after the video that demonstrates all of these folks who knew Obama as children?

Oh I never said that.

You see how propaganda works.

Just as Orwell predicted.

Speak properly out of your arsehole and all will be well. Just deny everything when you are confonted with the truth.

Oh I never said that. Oh the one big guy who knew him is a liar. Oh I was not talking about little kids—I mean he was never born there. Says Trump.

Now we know how he made all that money!

Gail goes through the Grandma story (some lie long since dispensed with) and the Certificate story (where is the real certificate?)

I was going to lay off this entire piece of P.T. Barnum’s circus au lait crap but this is just too much. Too much because it underlines a message from mass media that is deplorable and will always be with us.


So Trump comes up with an argument that maybe, just maybe, Obama is hiding the fact that his REAL birth certificate will note that he was born a Muslim.

And O’Donnell, my new MSNBC hero (male anyway) does some research and sure enough, religion was NEVER something mentioned on either hospital records or government records in Hawaii; either now or ever. Hahahahah

So Trump aint talking about the arguments he has lost anymore as far as I can tell. At least religion is gone from his propaganda.


Forget truth for a moment. I mean it is hard. But just try for a moment.

I was brainwashed over Vietnam. (Senior Romney)

We all were. I don’t care if you are talking about:

The Gulf of Tonkin

How long we were told the goddamn Vietnam War would last.

The number of enemy killed in any given day of war.

Communism as an international monolith.

Aw who cares?

Yeah Romney was brainwashed and so were we all.


A brain damaged old man with no experience necessary to become President of the United States of America says some Alzheimeric bullshit at a debate and the mass media goes nuts.

I recall watching the debate when that fascist prick said it.

Bullshite I recall yelling at the tv.

I mean real Shakespeare going on here!


Yeah, I own the microphone. Just like today. I own your job, I own your mortgage, I own your car, I own your credit cards, I own your motherfucking souls


Yeah. A year after the fact, a month after O’Neill announced that Bush wanted to invade Iraq a full eight months before 9/11/01….Kerry says he was wrong.

Oh boy Kerry made a mistake. He told the goddamn truth!

These are just a few examples where the media fucked up completely.

I swear sometimes that if Reagan would have pulled out his dick and yelled:

Fuck democrats

The media would have said GENIUS.

If Carter would have quoted Shakespeare:


The media would have called it elitism or just plain irrelevant!

Fuck the media!

We can rant and rave and nothing will change, ever.

It is like a stacked deck.

Does anyone really understand what Clinton was dealing with?

Does anyone understand what Obama is dealing with right now?

People are idiots.

If you do not believe me, just look at the election results over fifty years like I have!

5 thoughts on “TRUMPED!

  1. Ya know Dick, repubs have correctly figured out that dems aren’t willing to fight under the terms that repubs have laid out. The thing is repubs are hugely vulnerable because of their tactics but dems won’t go after them. You can’t argue their crap in a way that offers even the tiniest validation of their ideas. Doing so means you’ve lost the argument even before it gets started.

    Here, in the case of Trump, he has latched on to the same old thoroughly disproven birther argument and dems needs to expose, in no uncertain terms, what a fool he is. It has to be personal. Arguing the birther idea or any of their other false offerings is fruitless. The truthfulness of the persons offering the arguments is what is at issue. A light has to be shown upon their dishonesty and their lies. Dems don’t want to go there but that is the obvious answer. They are liars plain and simple and it needs to be stated in those terms. Every response needs to begin with. You sir, are a fucking liar. Frankly, I have no idea why dems continue to put up with this huge affront to their self respect. That is equally as distatseful as the republican tactics. Not to mention it’s a sure loser.

    The same ideas apply to our supposedly regulated marketplace. Just look at gas prices and you know immediately that something is wrong. Demand is down according to the most recent data of miles driven but prices have skyrocketed over that last year. That barrel of oil the Saudi’s are getting out of the ground still costs the Saudi’s about two bucks but that same barrel goes for over a hundred dollars on the exchanges. Just like everything else in our current economic environment any notion of honesty is a complete farce and is essentially a huge giveaway to corporations and can be easily likened to a tax.

    Cell phones are another area where there is a huge lie being told. Most phones sell for three times the cost of manufacture if you buy one outright and even more under the subsidized plans that lock consumers into contracts. iSupply pegs the parts cost for a typical smart phone around $200 with the labor cost running about $5.00 per unit. They are definitely commodity items. But they sell for premium prices on the U.S. market with most of the current crop of smart phones retailing in the $600 range. Big pharma is the same.

    U.S. consumers are getting raked left and right and every bit of this is no less than a giant lie. Yet you hear all the time from repubs how the marketplace is efficient. What a joke. And what comes of all these excess profits? A not insignificant chunk is used to buy off our elected officials via our corrupt system of political donations. This is obscene in how it works. We’re in effect paying a huge surtax for the privilege of having government and corporations fuck us. It’s unbelieveable how this entire game has been rigged.

    Here is another view, by the numbers, of how this is all working and how it has changed over the years.
    Note here a key passage of the exchange referred to with Rep Ryan and how it differs from reality.

    Note how adroitly Ryan changed the topic from closing tax loopholes for large corporations – two-thirds of which pay no income taxes – to taxing “Americans.”

    Let’s also fact-check Ryan’s claims. Last year, the federal government generated less tax revenue (as a share of the economy) then it has in any year since 1950. The 15 percent it collected last year was 3.1 percentage points lower than what we averaged during the presidency of the right’s sainted Ronald Reagan.

    How do you square the record profits of corporations in a depressed economy while at the same time having a record reduction in taxation? Nobody in their right mind can fail to see that the math of this is more than a smallish problem.

    1. I recall when LBJ instituted the surtax!

      Because we were at war, he said.

      And as far as truthfulness…

      Matthews talks about these lies every day while CNN will say: you decide!

      The straight out liars get a way with it in the marketplace and in Congress.

      Why stop?

      1. Of course why stop. When you have a nation of dumbasses willing to let themselves be flim-flammed into forking over their hard earned dollars at premium prices without asking single question why would you stop.

        I had a young couple in the other day asking about cell phones. He is just graduating law school here at SU. They were shocked that well over a billion cell phones are sold every year and that the lions share of them, without regard to make and model are assembled in China by a small number of manufacturers, all in the same factories with almost nothing differentiating their basic designs. And that it’s exactly the same for notebook and tablet computers.

        I was looking at the oil patch numbers today and Exxon was slated to end up with a quarterly per share profit increase from $1.37 to $1.96. That’s about a 30% increase. The forecast is for another year of record busting profits. Here’s how it actually ended up for the last quarter. Exxon, based in Irving, Texas, reported a fourth-quarter profit of $9.25 billion, or $1.85 per share, compared with $6.05 billion or $1.27 per share in the same quarter a year earlier. Yet, taxpayers are still footing a multi-billion dollar tax subsidy for the industry. And if you ask the fuckers in congress about this all you get is shuck and jive. WTF?

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