The Fight of The Century… After a Short Intermission

Wendell Potter has a piece up on HuffPo, LINK, laying out the conservative strategy for what is sure to be a bruising all out bloody battle. One which is sure to further divide the left and right. The stakes couldn’t possibly be higher.

In one corner we have the evil empire seeking to suck the blood of every citizen and enrich their already overflowing coffers. In the other corner is us. A ragtag group of regular people who are mostly uncertain of the rules of engagement. You can be sure of one thing. This is a fight for survival. It isn’t going to be won by being nice or anything like that. PC is out the window. Fighting fair is not on the agenda. This will be a bloody street fight and there are certain to be casualties. On both sides. Such is war.

Democrats who think Paul Ryan and his Republican colleagues have foolishly wrapped their arms around the third rail of American politics by proposing to hand the Medicare program to private insurers will themselves look foolish if they take for granted that the public will always be on their side.

Rep. Ryan’s budget proposal would radically reshape both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It would turn Medicaid into a block grant, which would give states more discretion over benefits and eligibility. And it would radically redesign Medicare, changing it from what is essentially a government-run, single-payer health plan to one in which people would choose coverage from competing private insurance firms, many of them for-profit.

Sharpen up your pens and pencils ladies and gentlemen. Be ready to write until your fingers fall off and make every word count. They are your bullets. So sharpen your sites and affix your bayonettes. The battle awaits.

I’m thinking from right here on Paradigm we can prepare a weekly or monthly letter to our reps and maybe one for the bad guys as well. We can then each print it, slip it in and envelope and off to the post she goes. And continue this right up to the 2012 general. We can all contribute to our monthly effort until we’re satisfied. Naturally, anyone can modify their own final mailing as they please.

Let’s have a show of hands. Who’s in?


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