Awww, Those Poor Millionaires

So, I found this news item the other day and it just angered me so much, amidst all that’s going on right now, that it’s taken me a few days to finally bring myself to post about it.

Seems almost half of the 1,000 millionaires surveyed recently feel that having less than $7 million or so is scary.  It’s frightening.  They fear they can’t maintain their lifestyle if they have, say, only $1.5 million versus $8 million.

Awww, the poor babies.  Me, I’m struggling to pay my rent every month and living on less than $40K.  I don’t see that I’ll ever be able to retire, so I just suck it up and realize I’m gonna work until I die.  Big deal.  I’m not alone in this, ya know??  But, oh, those poor millionaires close to retirement age fear they will have to decrease spending and really save up if they want to retire and live the cushy life they lead once they stop reeling in the dough.

Am I the only one who just doesn’t give a flying fig about their worries?


3 thoughts on “Awww, Those Poor Millionaires

  1. Yeah, I saw Jon Stewart just skewer Fox. The fascists were complaining that the rich are not that rich; that 300 grand a year aint that much.

    Then the same commentators skewered public employees for making fifty grand.

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