This Planet Earth

Earthquakes happen. Volcanoes, ice ages, asteroid and comets have impacted. Hundreds….thousands of time during it’s existence. Which contrary to what the religious right wants to believe, is millions of years. They will happen again. Some larger and more powerful than others.

We can through geography and paleontology and other sciences get a pretty good handle on when these events have occurred.  Sometimes withing a couple hundred years or so. Usually a thousand years or so. But that is the best we can do.  We do not know really how often they occur within these time frames. The evidence is just not that specific. We cannot there for know for certain whether the latest up tic in  geologic events is an aberration or whether the previous relatively quiet period was the  aberration and we are returning to a more normal situation. Since we have not had enough recorded history to know what normal is. This also goes for the climate since the climate is impacted by these same geological events. See 1800 and froze to death.

Yet our policies and planning assume that these events are anomalies.

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