Hackers Hate Wimmins

It’s the 100 year anniversary of International Women’s Day today!  Apparently, women have been around for at least a century.  Before that, we did not exist.  Aw…I’m kiddin’.

Anyhoo, I go to the IWD site to see what’s going on and what do I find?  Hackers!  Overnight, hackers have been trying to bring down the site!  Bastids.

Now, I wrote a blog just a short while ago about women in the United States being under attack by politicos wishing to turn back time and plant wimmins back in the kitchen, barefoot and knocked up.

And now we have hackers deliberately interfering with a global effort by women who wish to bring attention to the their contributions to the world.

The day, marked by millions around the world, celebrates the economic, political, and social achievements of women past, present, and future.

Why are there so many women haters in the world?   Just what the hell is so damn scary about us?  Hell.  We can’t even open a jar of pickles by ourselves. 😉



7 thoughts on “Hackers Hate Wimmins

  1. Women scary? Hardly. Fabulously intriguing? Oh yeah! 🙂

    I think men who are threatened by women are equally threatened by all the other stuff they don’t know and are afraid of. GWB was and is the poster boy of fear. Closely followed by so many other of the idiots proposing the zany legislation that is making the rounds in congress and state legislatures across the country. Are these bad men? Maybe. But mostly, IMHO, they’re afraid of their own shadows. My 2 cents.

    Thank you so much for posting this flower. Here is a little gift in celebration of this day. For all the wonderful women who grace these pages.

  2. I think women are mystical.

    I mean all that hairdoing and make-up and scents and undergarments (damn I like undergarments on women, especially without those overgarments)

    I’m lucky to get a shave in during the entire week!

    Strange time to have Women’s Day with Mardi Gras and stuff!

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