Some Seriously Sick Puppies

The Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, is a major embarrassment to the People of Wisconsin, to the United States and to the will of a free people the world over.

I can’t express the loathing I feel for Scott Walker or for the leaders of the national republican party. Now we have video of a Wisconsin state representative, Democratic Representative Nick Milroy of South Range, being physically accosted and tackled by Wisconsin police at the state capitol building. There is no more to say about this. Well, maybe one thing. This, as I posted previously, is not the America I once knew.


2 thoughts on “Some Seriously Sick Puppies

  1. I was reading Josh’s posts at TPM about Walker just last night. Walker’s popularity is at an all-time low, and the recall movement is gathering a lot of steam.

    I’m really hoping this jackass will look at his disapproval numbers and think hard about reaching a compromise soon. One can dream, right?

    1. This has me way bummed Lis. I’m having an awful time trying to fit their pieces alongside mine. I hope you’re doing better than me. TGIF. 5 O’clock isn’t far away. It’s possible to get drunk out tonight. Hang in there. 🙂

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