Another Sign, It’s Starting

Social unrest is becoming the watchword all around the world.

This story posted on MSNBC has workers in India burning an executive to death after they were fired. I hope, sooner than later please, the idiots figure out that the crazy disparity in compensation and wealth distribution aren’t gonna work.


6 thoughts on “Another Sign, It’s Starting

  1. cmaukonen

    Humm…maybe is this was happening here, these fancy executives would be a bit more responsive. Nothing like a bit of intimidation on the part of the working man to get the appropriate response.

  2. I was just reading where there will be just shy of 7 billion people on the planet by the end of the year. We add 60 to 70 million a year. 9 billion is the supposed theoretical sustainable number with current agricultural technology etc. Do the math. Glad I ain’t gonna be around to see what happens then. jeez louise.

    1. cmaukonen

      I really kind of like the movie Blade Runner. One my more favorite Harrison Ford flicks.

      Think I’ll pick up a copy.

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