As for any political ambitions Angle may have for running for office in the next election cycle, according to the Leader…

Angle made the trip to New Hampshire for the premiere of The Genesis Code, a film that reportedly advocates for teaching creationism in public schools and enacting severe restrictions on abortion

“Why can’t we present both theories to our children and let them choose?” said Angle, according to the Monitor. She reportedly noted that when she was a teacher, she instructed children on creationism as well as evolution

A segment of questions presented in our current SAT’s:

The Earth is:

A.       Six to ten thousand years old.

B.      Four to five billion years old.

C.      A great series presented on the Discovery Channel.

George Washington was:

A.      The first President of the United States.

B.      A good solid Christian and a Man of God.

C.      A very tall man who hated Muslims.

D.      A bridge in Newark.

The speed of light is:

A.      186,000 miles per second rounding off.

B.      186,000 miles per second in this part of our universe

C.      The speed varies depending upon your relationship to God

D.      Who cares?

Coal and oil represent:

A.      Organic materials deposited in the earth over the eons that once were living plants and animals.

B.      Gifts from God.

Fred Flintstone was:

A.      A cartoon character that was fictional in nature and presented in a cheaper format than Disney cartoons of old.

B.      An animated documentary representing the true relationship between dinosaurs and man before the Great Flood.

C.      One of our Founding Fathers.

The current President of the United States is:

A.      Barack Hussein Obama

B.      We do not have a current President of the United States because Obama is not a true citizen of the United States of America.

The Legislative Branch of the United States consists of:

A.      100 Senators and 435 voting members of the House of Representatives.

B.      The Southern Baptist Convention.

The greatest threat to American democracy is:

A.      Communism

B.      Unions

C.      Muslims

D.      Materialism

E.       The Democrat Party

F.       Shia Law

G.     All of the above

Slavery in America was:

A.      A necessary evil in the olden days.

B.      The subjugation of the Black Race by White demons

C.      A form of apprenticeship like that presented on reality TV

D.      Something that our Founding Fathers abolished long ago.

E.       All of the above.

The United States of America is currently at war in:

A.      Iraq

B.      Afghanistan

C.      Madison, Wisconsin

D.      All of the above.

Liberals are:

A.      Good and decent people who have gone astray

B.      One facet of the American political scene

C.      Muslim and communist sympathizers who read too many newspapers

D.      All of the above.

Income taxes:

A.      Are authorized by the 16th Amendment to the United State of America

B.      Were instituted by Communists

C.      Is an unconstitutional exercise by the U.S. Government aimed at the redistribution of Wealth.

D.      All of the above.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution:

A.      Guarantees freedom of Religion to all our citizens as long as that religion is Christian in nature.

B.      Guarantees Freedom of Speech unless that speech involves Shia Law.

C.      Guarantees Corporations the right to lobby our representatives in Washington, D.C.

D.      Establishes Christianity as our National religion.

E.       All of the above

The Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution:

A.      Guarantees the right to Civil Actions in the Federal Courts.

B.      Forbids actions brought against Christian Doctors who do not perform abortions.

C.      Guarantees your right to become attorneys if you have enough money for tuition.

D.      All of the above.

Abortion is:

A.      Murder and an affront against God & Man.

B. A constitutionally protected right as outlined in Roe v. Wade

C.      Any movie starring Adam Sandler

D.      All of the above.

The Milky Way is:

A.      The galaxy that includes our Solar System

B.      A group of stars tossed into the ethos by God on the Fourth Day.

C.      A great candy bar that is detested by our current First Lady

D.      All of the above.

The Ten Commandments:

A.      Represent the Law of God as given to Moses.

B.      Underlie our Federal Constitution

C.      Is a great movie starring Charlton Heston

D.      All of the above.

A Caliphate is:

A.      A Muslim threat to our freedoms and our Country

B.      The aim of organizations like ACORN & the ACLU

C.      A dental cleansing agent

D.      All of the above.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was:

A.      The single worst president in the history of this country—who was born here.

B.      A President who chose to bring us into a war against God Loving Germans and on the side of dirty Russian Communist bastards.

C.      A President who instituted communist measures that have hamstrung our business enterprises and rewarded those who refuse to work and support their families.

D.      All of the above

Ronald Reagan was:

A.      A gift from God


12 thoughts on “THE NEW S.A.T.’s

  1. Like I said around here someplace recently Dick, our Constitution, rightly or wrongly, permits for everyone to express their ideas. It then falls on each of us to decide which of those is worth a lick. I’m not worried. Even the stupid people will figure out the smart answer in the long run. Where we going? We have an eternity to wait for them. And by then our wives and girlfriends will be done putting on their makeup and we can get on with the show. Perfect. 🙂

  2. Dick, do you actually know the answers to all these questions? Those ones with only two answers aren’t bad. There’s a chance of getting a 50% score with those. But then you get all teacher like and have all them ones with 4 and some with even more. Does that Oral Roberts place have a swimming pool?

      1. Dam. I feel good today Dick. It’s almost Curbstone Day. It’ll be this week. For sure.

        What is Curbstone Day you ask? It’s the day the doggone snow is almost off the streets, but still very much in evidence, where you can see the curb most everyplace you look. This doesn’t mean Old Man Winter won’t bury it again but it’s the first time we’ve seen it since the beginning of December. Best day between Presidents Day and Easter. 🙂

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