Flirter Update – via World Flirtation League

The results are in. Athens is #1
The U.S. is barely in the game. oy
Aspiring flirters. Pack your bags.

LONDON (Reuters) – The home of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle is the “most flirtatious city” of the modern world, a new study showed on Monday.
Athens topped a “World Flirtation League,” which ranked cities by the number of online flirtations initiated per month by the average user in each on online social networking site (
Moscow came second, while Rome placed 8th and Madrid 31st, Paris 38th, London 57th, Berlin 79th, and New York 89th in the study of nearly 200 cities across the world in which Badoo analyzed 12 million flirtatious contacts made during a month, with 108 million users chatting and flirting in 180 countries.
The Lonely Planet Encounter Guide to Athens author Victoria Kyriakopoulous said the results are hardly surprising as the Greek capital is a seductive city, with a hedonistic lifestyle.
“Athenians love to party and they love to talk,” she said. “Flirting and sexual banter are not just a means to an end but part of social interaction.”

IMHO Best vid EVER!!
If you got Better, in this category, I want to see it!!
Got to be Hot!! Post Away!!


9 thoughts on “Flirter Update – via World Flirtation League

    1. Me too Dick. I was looking for something to put up an interesting post today and came across the Flirter thing and then found this Santana one and watched it and on came the light bulb. Find a hot vid to post. See if we can find the ten coolest ones on the net.

  1. Dick, your’re sluffing. No matter. That is actually your response.

    What is cool about the things that you guys posted is how they are all so different, in spite of what I posted and provided as a guide. What would be really cool is if we were better able to embrace how we’re all so different rather than what we actually do with those differences.

    Life is this infinite puzzle laid out before us. How we solve it has everything to do with how we assimilate or not the puzzle pieces of all the other players. We can only complete the puzzle by knowing all the pieces, not just our own. Life can be elegantly entertaining if we can find a way to cultivate within ourselves the possibility of all these other pieces alongside ours. Joie de Vivre!

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