On Obama

I feel I need to make something clear here. I do not dislike Obama at all. He is most likely a very nice person.

But I do feel he is not a very good president.

Then again we have had a very long list of lousy to mediocre presidents and I am kind of wondering if maybe that isn’t the whole point.


5 thoughts on “On Obama

  1. teresamac0

    Mediocrity, they name is cmaukonen, take a good look in the mirror C, that mediocrity you speak of, is just a reflection of yourself.
    No need to respond, I got your anger and jealousy and lack of ethics by the way you responded to my blog, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, but you are proud thinking you won some points. What did you really win c? All you managed to do was reveal who you are; which is a miserable human being. Good to know.

  2. larrytheh

    So, you’re a closet Nixon admirer eh? I knew it.


    Seriously (I’m assuming you are old enough to remember the Nixon years) anyone of reasonably sensibility knew that the man in the White House was dangerous and obsessed. It almost made breathing a little harder during those years. And he came after a President who quit the office out of a sickness at heart who in tern had come to power because of assassination. Then there was an interlude with a President who was intelligent, serious and in possession of a moral compass. But he was quickly replaced with a man who conspired with a foreign power to hold American citizens ( albeit employees of the C.I.A.) hostage until after the election as a political strategy. Business as usual I suppose since Nixon had done something similar with the government of North Vietnam as part of his electoral strategy.

    All of which brings us to recent times. I never found Barack Obama a compelling choice. It seemed to me that no one could say “Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton” without laughing out loud and that was Obama’s real advantage. That and the fact that his opponent was eccentric, to the point of offering his wife for a topless contest at a biker rally during the campaign. None of this is funny but it is odd. “Lousy” and “mediocre” is almost complementary to this rogues gallery.

    What is truly lousy and mediocre, as Chris Hedges has said so well, is the failure of the Liberal Class to stand up against any of this.

  3. neonnautilus

    Obama is the worst possible person to deal with the Con’s obstructionism. His nature is conciliatory and let’s-all-just-get-along and “bipartisan”. He simply doesn’t have it in him to push back hard against the baldfaced lies and the attacks on him as well as his policies. You give the cons an inch and you know the rest of the story.

    In fact, I feel sure his congressional colleagues had his number and had their plans made as soon as he won the primary, if not before. The con tactics were tailor made for Obama because they knew they would work.

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