Keep Your Boehner Out of My Uterus

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4 thoughts on “Keep Your Boehner Out of My Uterus

  1. I do not begin to understand this new attack upon women’s rights.

    Not only abortion is at issue, but rubbers for chrissakes.

    I am back in catechism again.

    Teabaggers have sex and everything and they do not have ten children.

    So I am at a total loss on this new movement.

  2. The thought of having him in there creeps me out! I don’t get this attack on women either, but it sure seems to be happening. Somehow or another, the repubs are getting nostalgic for the 50’s. Watch out people of color, you’re next!

  3. I saw your post at dag the other day flower. It was wrenching. I read your words and I could literally feel your rage like if you were screaming right in my ear as loud as you could. I welcome it. It’s an unhappy thought that this is what it’s going to take. But I’m all for getting on with it. I’m frightened though too.

    My worry is even if every citizen is in the street screaming they still may not hear. There has been a lot of light shone upon Wall Street and the illicit nature of the Iraq war and not much (zero?) has occurred on the accountability side. I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out the other but this looks like lawlessness to me. Toss in womens rights and I see a huge powder keg waiting for someone to light it off.

  4. I saw this story at HuffPo this morning. I didn’t read it. The title and the picture imply something. Exactly what I’m not sure. The title is, The Trouble With Bright Girls. It’s accompanied by the picture of a young black girl. There is a subtle message being conveyed there. Maybe I’m wrong but when I see stuff like this I immediately mistrust whatever might be written there. And absolutely the persons who wrote it. The title and picture makes a connection between trouble, being bright and girls and more specifically black girls. Your being upset is not unfounded but I suspect it goes even deeper than you think. I’m not even sure if this stuff happens consciously or unconsciously. What I am sure of is these kinds of things have an effect.

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