Republican Strategy – Destroy the Unions. After That the WH Doesn’t Matter

I had posted earlier about how the Republican strategy to destroy the unions was crazy and is a sure loser.

Upon reconsidering though, given how the political landscape has been rearranged, republicans could care less about the WH. With the Citizens United ruling, republicans have shifted their strategy to controlling individual state houses etc. This renders the WH moot. Republicans have already tested this strategy with Obama and shown it to be true. How voters might feel and how they might vote is no longer of consequence. Even a strong dem leader in the WH can’t change this with the current makeup of congress and the SC. This looks like check and mate to me. My apologies to those of you who may not care for this assessment. I don’t like it any better than you.


7 thoughts on “Republican Strategy – Destroy the Unions. After That the WH Doesn’t Matter

  1. cmaukonen

    HA…now you’re catching on. Washington has been moot for some time. That is why they ran Bush and then “Cranky Pants” McCain.

    1. Diluting the power of the oval office is perfect. It works the other way when a repub is there though. But they don’t really care either way. Strategically, this is exactly how Wall Street works. It’s the very same recipe with a few tweaks.

      This is proof that any system can be modified to produce a desired result. Prior to all the craziness of the last three decades or so things were arranged to create the result we had grown accustomed to. Undoing the laws which have allowed this is going to be a chore.

      1. cmaukonen

        OK…you can use out present situation as a downer trip or you can look at it as an opportunity.

        Just think of all the time, trouble, energy and resources that are saved by letting the system eat itself alive rather than having a revolution. Revolutions are time consuming, messy and require a lot of resources to be successful.

        Setting back, doing nothing. The rain comes and the grass grows by itself”

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