Awakening from a winter’s sleep

With no time for a second post this weekend, your inveterate correspondent respectfully refers you to a surprisingly spot on New York Times editorial yesterday, the Goldman Sachs report to which it refers (as reported by Jonathan Karl of ABC News, but which, of course, all viewers of Rachel Maddow heard about on her Thursday broadcast).
If you were reading Barth junk, of course, you would have been prepared for all this a few weeks ago and even before then.

Is it possible that even te regular media has noticed the disconnect between the supposed “need” to reduce the federal budget deficit, and the fact that people and the economy, coincidentally, need help. Doubt it, but there are signs…..

And then there was the spectacle of Governors Brewer and Haley with Jake Tapper on This Week.

And, Keith is back (in a way).


3 thoughts on “Awakening from a winter’s sleep

  1. I always read Barth Junk. hahahaha

    It is like they all see a bus leaving and cannot wait to board without knowing where the goddamn thing is going.

    We knew we had to pass as much stimulus as possible going back to November of 2008.

    We knew the fickle electorate would put the repubs in charge of at least the House.

    Now we all tighten our belts?

    With ten percent unemployment (read 18%)?

  2. Bettors in Vegas have a line going on all this stuff most all the time and have it fairly well figured out.

    Maybe it’s all just numbers and with all the people making their guesses somebody has to get it right. So they all take turns so they can all stay in business. Sort of like our politicans taking turns playing at like they have a clue.

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