I Always Cry at Funerals

Our future is being unmercifully killed.


6 thoughts on “I Always Cry at Funerals

  1. cmaukonen

    Pretty much what you get when you have technocrats running the show. I despise them nearly as much as I do bureaucrats. Totally cold and calculating by-the-book unimaginative idiots.

    What our higher education system is currently producing.

    1. I used to get in arguments with Phd’s on occasion. In my experience this was a typical outcome. This is the best they can do. But don’t ask me why. Too accustomed to working within the rigors of a broke ass system would be my guess. And totally lacking the imagination to change it.

      1. The issue at hand becomes who is on the receiving end of the welfare gravy train. Citizens or corps?

        The current political climate has the corps running well out in front of citizens relative to the ever changing wealth distribution scheme. Not a day goes by where this isn’t worsening the relative political clout of citizens and inflating government corruption. The is a recipe made in hell.

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